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With 40 years of ministry, Billy and Vickie Burns have a unique perspective on life. Beginning as full-time Children’s Evangelists, they traveled across America for 10 years conducting Kid’s Crusades observing the simplicity of the local children’s ministry. Workers were untrained and not equipped. Churches placed little, if any, emphasis upon children.

In 1989, Billy and Vickie moved to Lake Worth, Florida to become Children’s Pastors at the 4,000+ member Trinity Church International. In addition to this new ministry, they continued to travel and minister in local churches and conferences watching children’s ministry begin to take form in the church. Children’s ministries developed curriculums, unbelievably designed rooms, and high-tech ministry tools. Workers were being trained. Churches began to take pride and ownership of equipping leaders and volunteers to reach the next generation.

Children’s Evangelist … Children’s Pastor … and now a new assignment.

Following the call of the Holy Spirit, Billy and Vickie have undertaken an additional assignment, a mission to help usher in a Holy Spirit renewal in children’s ministries across this nation and the world. Having seen children’s ministry evolve over the past 40+ years, it is evident that children’s ministry is lacking one major ingredient – the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Children’s ministry is no longer a country-bumpkin operation. No longer does it lack for equipment, finances, and credibility. Sadly, in many churches, dependence upon formulas and facilities has created a powerless, empty “ministry”. Many children are never introduced to the third person of the Trinity, nor learn of His desire to equip and empower them to fulfill their God-given mission.
Through the Ignite the Supernatural Conferences, Billy and Vickie are traveling both nationally and internationally announcing “Today is the day of the Holy Ghost” as they stir up a spiritual hunger in children’s ministry leaders for raising up a Joel 2 generation. With workshops including Leading Children into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Let’s Get Radical, Passport to the Supernatural, and Too Young … NEVER!, children’s ministry leaders are being equipped to place children on the launching pad for a journey into the realm of the Holy Spirit.
Billy and Vickie are the parents of three boys and grandparents of 4 boys and 1 girl.

Billy & Vickie Burns