Can Children Be Used of God?

Several years ago, I had the privilege of being invited to speak to the children’s ministry leaders at Abba’s House in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After teaching the Saturday afternoon sessions, the nursery director approached me and told me the following story.

One of the nursery director’s staff told an amazing story about her three-year-old daughter. The mother told about her little girl noticing that she was sick and asking about what was wrong.  After explaining that she wasn’t feeling good, her daughter asked if she could pray for her mother. The little girl then prayed a simple, three-word prayer, “God healed Mama.” The mother shared that God heard and answered her prayer. The mother was healed!

A couple of years ago, I had a mother ask me, “Pastor Billy, can a seven-year-old be baptized in the Holy Spirit?” She asked that question because a few days earlier she came home after a hard day at work and was questioned by her concerned son. After hearing his mother tell him that there were a lot of pressures that she was feeling, the little boy asked to pray for her. As the little boy began to pray, the mother heard strange words and syllables in his prayer. When asked what was happening, the little boy told his mother that he was praying in his heavenly prayer language. After hearing my whole-hearted “Yes” response to her question about children being baptized in the Holy Spirit, she came back to me a couple of weeks later to tell me that her son later asked for permission to pray for her again. He then laid hands upon his mother and began to pray in his prayer language. Within a couple of minutes, he began to give the interpretation of his tongue and said, “Mom, the Holy Spirit wants me to tell you …” and then he began to give a heavenly insight.

Kids MinisteringMy reason for sharing these stories is to remind you that God is a t-o-d-a-y God. As parents and children’s ministry leaders, we relegate Him to being a s-o-m-e-d-a-y God when it comes to children. We are convinced that God will someday use children when they are older and have been in church for umpteen years. NO!!!  The God who used the Old Testament’s young Samuel desires to use today’s child. The God who mightily used the three-year-old girl in Tennessee and the seven-year-old boy in South Florida wants to use our children. Let’s be adults that encourage children to yield to God. Let’s provide the opportunities.  Let’s make room for children to boldly obey God’s leading. Let’s allow that to happen today.

What is the Most Powerful Ministry in the Church? (Get Ready for a Surprise!)

I know that after reading the next sentence some of you will be persuaded that I have totally lost my mind, but I’ll share it anyways. Here goes … I believe that one of, if not the most important, powerful ministries in any church is the nursery ministry. I know that you have your mind racing trying to be one step ahead of me. Some of you are thinking, yes it is because it removes the baby’s noise and restlessness from the main auditorium so that adults can worship without distractions. Well, that might be 10% of the reason. Others might be thinking that I made this statement because the nursery allows the baby’s parents to give their full attention to the adult service. Again, that might 10% of the reason.

???????????????????????????????I know that you might be puzzled. Why would I make such a statement? What is so important about childcare? That is where the confusion lies. You’re looking at this totally wrong. While childcare is a part of the what transpires in the nursery, the ultimate reason for having a nursery for newborns, toddlers, and infants is because it IS ministry.

I know that I have your brain spinning again. Ministry to a 6-month old? Yes. And, in my opinion, it can be just as important or even more important than the ministry coming from the pulpit in the adult service. Why?  Babies ARE spirit beings, capable of receiving blessings and curses. Their spirit is just as capable of being touched by the Holy Spirit as the spirit of a 6-year-old or 16-year-old or 36-year-old. 

Why do you need a nursery? Because it can be SUPERNATURAL! Sadly, many babies sensed rejection from their mother during the pregnancy. In their mother’s womb, many babies had curses and negative words spoken over them like, “I wish that I had never gotten pregnant” or “This baby is unwanted” or “I can never love this baby”. The child’s spirit absorbed these comments. And, even after birth, many continue to hear negative and even hateful statements that sets the course of their life. But, a Holy Ghost nursery can supernaturally be a life-giving, spirit-changing ministry. From the earliest time of a child’s life, the Word of God that is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword is penetrating into a baby’s spirit and nullifying the attack of the enemy. There are no wasted years. The child doesn’t have to wait until they are in an elementary children’s church or a youth service or an adult service to hear a strong-hold liberating message. Their life is put back on course in each and every service as the anointed nursery worker works together with Holy Spirit.

ConfessionsHow can a Holy Ghost nursery minister to these babies? Let me answer by giving an example of what happens in our His Little Lambs Ministry at Trinity Church International. In each service, the children are individually prayed over. If James 5:16 is true (and it is), when a righteous nursery teacher earnestly prays over a child, that prayer “has great power and wonderful results”. (New Living Translation). Then, our workers speak a biblical blessing over the babies. You can see in the accompanying picture, we have the blessings posted on signs that encircle the nursery. In each service, the nursery’s master teacher holds each child in their arms and speaks a reality from God’s Word over that baby. Can you see how powerful this can be?

Let me encourage you to change your nursery from being a place for childcare into a place where the Holy Ghost can minister. I guarantee that destinies will be shaped from the fervent prayer and the spoken Word. Then, you will join with me in declaring that your nursery is one of, if not the most important, powerful ministries in your church.

Want some ideas for these spiritual confessions? Click here to download.

Have You?

This blog post is probably one of the most important words that I’ve published in my seven years of posting. It all revolves around one question. Here it is … have you encouraged someone today? I know that you’re thinking, “Really? Is that all that he has to say? Isn’t there some Holy Ghost word for the week?” Well my friend, this is as Holy Ghost as it gets!

I’m convinced that there is someone needing to hear the voice of a Holy Ghost filled person who believes in them, somebody who is coming alongside to dream with them, an individual who has the right word at the right time to help them keep on keeping on. There is someone who has rehearsed defeat, insecurities, and fear over and over again in their mind. They’ve had others speak death over their dreams and passions. But there is a someone (that’s you) who has been assigned to step up and be God’s mouthpiece and vocalize the Father’s heart.

phone-callHere’s what will happen as you pick up the telephone and begin your conversation. I believe that you will see a reenactment of Acts 3. When you open your mouth, I believe that you will have a “such as I have give I thee” word for that particular moment. It’s not a sermon but rather a voice from someone who actually cares and believes in them. As you  listen, love, and share, that Holy Ghost deposited word will bring life and restoration to a crippled, damaged dream. Your encouragement will remind them of the size of their God and His abilities. Hearing your voice will remind them that two can put ten thousand to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30) and you are that second person to walk alongside of them in faith.

If I’ve ever shared a Holy Ghost thought, you’re seeing it right now. There is power in your words. The friendship and love shown through your phone call is as Holy Ghost orchestrated and miraculous as seeing someone come out of a wheelchair or jump up from a death bed. I know from experience. I’ve been on the receiving side of some of these phone calls. There have been times that someone called at just the right time and gave me a word of encouragement. They had no idea of the timeliness of their phone call. After the conversation, I had what I needed to continue the journey.

Come on, invest a few minutes into someone’s life. Stop what you are doing right now, pick up your phone, and be God’s voice. Someone is counting on you. In fact, there are a lot of someones counting on you. Destinies are awaiting your Holy Ghost directed voice. Now pick up the phone and start shaping someone’s future.

The 3 Big Questions of Revival

I am convinced that the blockages of a powerful move of God’s Spirit don’t originate in heaven or even hell, but rather here on earth.  What are the blockages? If I were to ask 100 people to provide this answer and explain why today’s church is in its present condition, I would possibly get 100 different answers. Excuses and reasons abound.

What is stopping an outpouring of God’s power? To be honest, it has nothing to do with the condition of our nation or even your church, its history, or its people. It has everything to do with the person reading this blog post right now (that’s you!). For too long, you have relegated a move of God to begin with another person at another place at another time. All the while, God has been looking at you to initiate this great move.


Pardon me for perhaps being too simplistic. I believe that the removal of these blockages is simple. A genuine move of God is guaranteed to the individual who correctly answers these three simple questions:

  1. If not you, then who?
  2. If not here, then where?
  3. If not now, then when?

A great, unprecedented move of God’s Spirit is waiting on you to initiate it. Once you recognize that God in all of His wisdom has determined that _____________ (fill in your name ) has been strategically placed at _____________  (fill in the name of your church) and is resolved that as of _____________  (fill in today’s date) to totally yield to the leading and promptings of the Holy Spirit, there will be a massive outpouring of salvations and healings and deliverances  and restorations and … well, whatever is needed. A genuine revival will be birthed.

The questions are simple. The answers are even simpler. Now turn off the computer and begin to tell God your answers and then let Him confirm your answers.

Got Room for the Holy Spirit?

Several years ago, we were blessed to have the author of The God Chasers book, Reverend Tommy Tenney, as the keynote speaker of our national Ignite the Supernatural ConferenceIn an attempt to help reduce the expenses for the travel and accommodations, I asked a friend about the possibility of connecting Tommy with a large Pentecostal church in the area for a service on the following weekend. With the two meetings splitting the costs, these necessary expenses would be greatly reduced for both of us. Without much thought, my friend told me that Tommy would never fit into the mode of this church. I learned that their services were structured and orchestrated to the very minute and didn’t have room for a Spirit-following, highly unpredictable Tommy Tenney. They knew that at 10 AM sharp the choir would open the service with an anthem. At 10:05 the Pastor would come and do an opening prayer followed by three songs ending at 10:21, followed by … well, you can see what I’m talking about. Needless to say, I never contacted that church.

Before you criticize this church for being over-structured, it might be wise to take a step backwards and look objectively at your service. We all have our formulas and ways of doing things. While it might go unsaid, we have an idea that by so-and-so time, we need to be doing ***** (you fill in the blank).

I would ask that you consider the words of the great 19th century missionary to China, C.T. Studd …

“How little chance the Holy Ghost has nowadays. The churches and missionary societies have so bound Him in red tape that they practically ask Him to sit in a corner while they do the work themselves.”  ~ C.T. Studd

limitNo great dissertation is needed to expound upon the quote. Instead, turn off the computer and then ask the Holy Spirit to speak freely about His level of involvement in your ministry. You might learn that you’ve limited Him in so, so many ways. Starting today, let’s remove the limits and allow Him to be Himself and do what only He can do.

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