Billy Burns’ Speaking Events.

Take a quick look into the ministry provided by Billy.

Sunday Morning Services


Great news … God’s promise includes adults being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Billy continues to see this fact each Sunday as he preaches to the adults.


Ignite the Supernatural Conferences


National Ignite the Supernatural Conference


This annual three-day conference is a gathering of children’s/youth leaders and workers longing to flow with the Holy Spirit. 30 workshops, 5 general sessions.


International Ignite the Supernatural Conference


The Holy Spirit told Billy, “The nation is waiting on you. The nations (plural) are waiting on you.”


Regional Ignite the Supernatural Conference


This Friday afternoon, evening, and Saturday morning conference makes it convenient for your entire ministry team to capture the information, revelation, and importation. 10 workshops, 3 general sessions.


Ignite & Unite Conference


A three-hour, four-session Saturday morning conference for children’s/youth ministry teams to unite the vision and ignite the fire.


Volunteer Appreciation Banquets


Combine Billy’s 25 years of leading an army of volunteers with his humor and entertaining magic and your volunteers will have a night that they won’t soon forget.