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Sunday Morning Services

Great news… God’s promise includes adults being baptized in the Holy Spirit. Billy continues to see this fact each Sunday as he preaches in churches across the nation. Billy is one of the country’s forefront, most passionate ministers concerning the Holy Spirit, both in Scripture and in His outpouring today. He can introduce your congregation to the Holy Spirit and help them learn to know and communicate with Him.

If your church is looking for a renewed passion for the ministry of the Holy Spirit, Billy will bring insight, clarity, and wisdom to your next gathering.

Ignite the Supernatural Conference

This Friday afternoon, evening, and Saturday morning conference makes it convenient for your entire ministry team to capture the information, revelation, and importation of the Holy Spirit.

Billy’s “Ignite the Supernatural Conference” is made of 10 individual workshops and 3 general sessions for your congregation.

Ignite & Unite Conference
A three-hour, four-session Saturday morning conference for children’s & youth ministry teams to unite the vision and ignite the fire.