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06 Nov Do Miracles Still Happen?

While preaching this past Sunday in one of our Holy Spirit Rallies, I shared that the greater works that Jesus promised (John 14:12) are made possible because “I go to my Father”. In other words, Jesus’ return to heaven and the ensuing sending of the Holy Spirit (John 14:16; 16:7) opened the door to the greater works (Acts 1:8). I also mentioned that churches all across our land have shut this door. Sadly, pastors are standing behind their pulpits preaching that the outpouring of God’s Spirit and the days of miracles are long gone. I learned a few days ago of one of these churches located in our area. So, today I visited that churches’ website and read on the page listing their core beliefs that believe and teach that the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit was given to certain individuals in the early church for the sole purpose of confirming their ministry. Evidently, they like many other churches believe that the days of the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit was limited to the early church and ended when the last apostle died.

Thankfully, I have found the opposite to be true. No where in the Scriptures can I find a single verse that even half way implies that the Holy Spirit withdrew the casting out of demons, the speaking with new tongues, the rendering of poison harmless, and the healing of the sick when the last apostle took their final breath. The door into the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit is still wide open.

To those who question if miracles still happen today, let me close out this blog post by sharing this powerful insight from George Jeffreys …

“It seems almost impossible at times to impress them with
the fact that the Christian religion is essentially a religion
of the miraculous … Let me emphasize here that the Christian
who denies the miraculous, denies Christianity: the Christian
who rejects the supernatural, rejects the religion he professes
to embrace. The whole structure of the Christian religion
is based upon the miraculous …”
~ George Jeffreys “The Phenomena of Pentecost”

Let’s tap into the miracle-working power of the Holy Spirit and see and do the promised greater works.

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30 Oct 24/7/365 Supernatural

Here is a simple and yet powerful observation. When the supernatural presence and power of the Holy Spirit is continually seen and experienced in a public worship gathering, it creates in the believer an expectancy for the same to be seen and experienced continually in their day-to-day lifestyle outside of a public worship gathering. In other words, the norm inside of the church will become the norm for outside of the church. The flip side to this statement is what is never or rarely seen in a public gathering, in all probability, will never be seen outside of the church building.

I am so passionate about this. I want it to be the norm for born-again, Jesus-loving, Spirit-filled believers to daily experience a passionate worship that comes through praying and worshiping God in other tongues. I want believers to expect Book of Acts results at their workplace or while they shop at Walmart or visit in a neighbor’s home or eat their meal during a school lunch break. But, it will only be the norm outside of the church if they continually see this as the norm in the worship gatherings.

The word continually is the key wordAll too often, the Holy Spirit’s unrestrained freedom is relegated to a once-a-year unique service when a “specialist” (evangelist) ministers and then afterwards, the Holy Spirit ministry is either drastically toned down or shelved until the next annual visit of the “specialist”. It can’t be an annual event. We must continually put the Holy Spirit on display and make it the norm for the children, youth, and adults to participate in His activity.

What will be the results of the continually? People encountering God through their prayer language in your services will produce people who enjoy its benefits throughout the week. Boldly laying hands upon the sick and expecting signs following in a service will produce people doing the same in their school classrooms, workplaces, and neighborhoods. It will be incredible to see people obeying the unction in their spirit to utter Spirit-inspired words (a Word of Knowledge and/or a Word of Wisdom) at the right time to the right person day after day. And, can you image the testimonies as the children, youth, and adults dare to believe God for the impossible as the opportunity arises?

The world is desperately waiting on what the Church has to offer. Through our Spirit empowered, led, and experienced services, let’s make the Book of Acts norm the 24/7/365 norm so that the world can be changed!

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23 Oct Jesus Left Us No Wiggle Room!

One of my all-time favorite passages in the Bible (and I have a lot of favorites) is found in Mark 16:17-18. In these verses, Jesus said …

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name
shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly
thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on
the sick, and they shall recover.”
Mark 16:17-18

I recognize that starting with the letter “a” in the word And at the beginning of the verse and continuing all of the way to the letter “r” at the end of the final word recover, these two verses are packed with enough spiritual meat to chew on to last for days to come. But, to me, one of the most powerful truths in these two verses is found in the word shall. To show you why I believe that this word is so, so important, let me refer to the Gospel of Saint Merriam-Webster. (For the blog readers living outside of the United States, I’m using a little humor as I make reference to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.) Here is what the dictionary says …

  1. archaic
    a.  Will have tomust
    b. Will be able tocan
  2. a. Used to express a command or exhortation
        you shall go
    b. Used in laws, regulations, or directives to express what is mandatory
        it shall be unlawful to carry firearms
  3. a. Used to express what is inevitable or seems likely to happen in the future
        we shall have to be ready
        we shall see
    b. Used to express simple futurity
        when shall we expect you
  4.  Used to express determination
      they shall not pass

If that’s not enough to get you up on your feet and shouting, it might be time to notify your next of kin because I sincerely question whether or not there is any blood flowing through your veins. Jesus said (did you get who is doing the talking?) that it is heaven’s command and expectation for believers (that’s you and me) to live a supernatural life. In these verses, Jesus did not say the words might or may or possibly, but instead He said the word shall (KJV) or will (numerous other translations). To use a phrase that we use here in the South, Jesus didn’t leave any wiggle room for the believers (again, that’s you and me). There are no ifs, ands, or buts about His command. Jesus emphatically commanded us to live a life of the supernatural.

I have written enough. No further explanation is needed. Now go start “shall”ing!

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16 Oct Is There Evidence of the Evidence?

In case you haven’t figured this out already, here is an indisputable fact. I absolutely love the Holy Spirit. I love Him as a Person, I love to enjoy His presence, I love to work together with Him, and I love to depend upon Him. Fanatic? Maybe to some. Passionate? A Texas-size yes!

Here’s another fact. I love to read books and articles written by individuals who are equally passionate about the Holy Spirit. I found such a book when I discovered several years ago a small, 61-page book titled The Phenomena of Pentecost. Each of its five chapters was written by a different Pentecostal legend … Donald Gee, P.C. Nelson, Myer Pearlman, George Jeffreys, and D.W. Kerr. These names might be unknown to you, but in heaven’s eyes, these five men were instrumental through their preaching and writing in helping usher in a great global outpouring of the Spirit back in the 1920’s through 1940’s.

Sadly, this book published back in 1931 is long out of print. Knowing that it is rare for this book to become available through Amazon or rare book sites, from time to time, I love to share spiritual nuggets from this book. Here is one such nugget from D.W. Kerr’s chapter “The Bible Evidence of the Baptism”

“Here we meet with that fixed law in the universe so manifest everywhere, that is, the law of cause and effect. Like causes produce like effects. Peter does not say this in so many words, but it is included in the expression, “as on us at the beginning.” We see the cause of their speaking in tongues. “They were all filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.” What was the cause of their speaking in tongues at Caesarea? In the beginning, the Holy Ghost was the cause; eight years later, the Holy Ghost was the cause. In the beginning, the effect was speaking in tongues; eight years later, the effect was speaking in tongues. Like causes produce like effects. But that is not all that Peter said. Listen: “Forasmuch as God gave them the like gift” – like means equal – so like or equal causes produce equal effects.”

To me, this puts to rest questions about whether believers baptized in the Holy Spirit will have the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues. It’s so simple. Like causes WILL produce like effects. It can’t get much simpler than that. I hope that Kerr’s quote will be a blessing to you.

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09 Oct Yes is the Answer!

Thank God for the Holy Spirit and His leadings and promptings. I’ll type it again … thank God for the Holy Spirit and His leadings and promptings. I could and perhaps should type that sentence over and over again because it is so, so true.

Here is why I am sharing that statement. A couple of Saturdays ago, my wife Vickie went out of town for the day leaving me all alone to enjoy a “me” day. Soon after she left, I started watching Jimmy Stewart’s Strategic Air Command movie but didn’t make it too far into the movie. That in itself is very unusual. First, I love Jimmy Stewart and second, I haven’t found too many his movies that I don’t absolutely love and will watch over and over again. For some “strange” reason that Saturday, I just couldn’t watch the movie. As soon as I turned off the television, I felt an urge to call a friend that lived hundreds of miles away from me, a friend that I haven’t seen or spoken to in probably 5 or 6 years. I tried pushing aside the urge but couldn’t shake what I sensed in my spirit. Within just a few short minutes of initiating the phone conversation, I knew exactly why the Holy Spirit had prompted me to make the call. During the phone call, Holy Spirit-inspired words began to pour out of my spirit, words that my friend told me at the end of the conversation were confirming words that they had already heard from God but needed to hear again. Before making that phone call, I had no idea of what was going on in their life. But, the Holy Spirit did and He allowed me to work together with Him to be a blessing to a dear friend. It was truly supernatural. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and His leadings and promptings. After that I call, I sensed in my spirit that I needed to call another friend that too lived several hundred miles away from me, again a friend that I hadn’t seen or spoken to in several years. You guessed it. The Holy Spirit did it again. He began to give me words that were God-breathed words for my friend, supernatural insight on matters that I had no previous knowledge. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and His leadings and promptings. This happened phone call after phone call throughout the remainder of the day. I simply obeyed the urgings of the Spirit and followed His promptings as to what to say or not say. Each and every call was God ordained. One more time … thank God for the Holy Spirit and His leadings and promptings.

Please believe me when I say that I didn’t share these stories to make me appear to be a ready-for-Christian-television super star. I’m simply wanting you to see that the Holy Spirit is still in the leading, guiding, prompting, urging business. He hasn’t changed one iota since the days when He was leading Jesus (Luke 4:1). And, if we will follow Jesus’ example of working together with the Holy Spirit, we too will have the same supernatural results.

One final time … thank God for the Holy Spirit and His leadings and promptings.

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