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29 May Celebrating the Journey – Part 1

Vickie and I are just days away from celebrating our 40th anniversary of being in the ministry. To us, this milestone is humongous! It’s too great of a story to keep to ourselves and so I am telling our story of God’s call and faithfulness in four segments. Click the link below to join us in our celebration.


NOTE: I recognize that there is a large percentage of this blog’s readership that connect with Billy Burns Ministries only through this weekly blog. I also know that there are a few of you that are subscribed to receive this blog AND the monthly Billy Burns Ministries newsletter. To these “doublers”, I need to apologize. In  my effort to reach everyone connected to our ministry, in this blog post and the next three celebration-related blogs, I am sharing the very same celebration news in both the blog and newsletter. I am asking these “doubler” readers to do one of two things … 1) Please tolerate these four duplicate posts. My promise to you is to never flood your email box with excessive emails. 2) You can put on your party hats and pull out your noisemakers TWICE and double up on the celebrating.

Oh … and one more thing concerning this celebration … THE BEST IS YET TO COME. The NEXT forty years of ministry will OUTDO the previous forty years!

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27 May Quotable Nuggets – Part 2

Powerful. Impactful. Shareable. These are the three best words that I can find to describe the quotations shared in this and last week’s blog posts. I have gathered these powerful quotes over the years from books written by men who just didn’t know about the Holy Spirit, they intimately knew Him. Without reservation, I can say that each and every quote has greatly impacted my life causing me to know and flow with the Holy Spirit in a greater dimension. And finally, while I know that I have incorporated these quotes into previous blog teachings over the past eleven plus years, they definitely need to be shared again and again and again. Hopefully, they will resonate within you.

Here are this week’s quotable nuggets.

“Since the days of Pentecost, has the whole church ever put aside every other work and waited upon Him for ten days, that the Spirit’s power might be manifested? We give too much attention to method and machinery and resources, and too little to the source of power.” J. Hudson Taylor ~ The Source of Power for Christian Missions 

“If the supernatural was in evidence during the dispensation of the Father, and again in the dispensation of the Son, what reason is there to suppose that miracles were to cease during the dispensation of the Holy Ghost?” George Jeffreys ~ The Phenomena of Pentecost

“The most important thing, the one thing that counts, is to see that we are filled with the Holy Spirit, filled to overflowing. Anything less than this is displeasing to God. We are commanded by God to be filled with His Spirit, and in the measure that you fail of this, you are far short of the plan of God.” Smith Wigglesworth ~ Ever Increasing Faith

“The failure of the Christians to live and walk in the Spirit, limits the Holy One of Israel; because our being filled with the Spirit is the condition for His perfect working.” F.F. Bosworth ~ Christ the Healer

“If we preach the original gospel, we will have the original results.” Reinhard Bonnke ~ Evangelism By Fire

“We must not forget that the speaking with other tongues is not only an initial evidence of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling, it is a continual experience for the rest of his life to assist in the worship of God. It is a flowing stream that should never dry up, and that will enrich the life spiritually.” Howard Carter ~ Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts

“I want to talk with the utmost frankness and say to you, that tongues have been the making of my ministry. It is that peculiar communication with God when God reveals to my soul the truth I utter to you day by day in the ministry. Many times, I climb out of bed, take my pencil and pad, and jot down the beautiful things of God, the wonderful things of God that He talks out in my spirit and reveals to my heart.” John G. Lake ~ John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith




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20 May Quotable Nuggets – Part 1

This is so difficult for me to believe. This August will be the 12th anniversary of my writing the blog. Simple math will tell you that twelve years times 52 blog posts a year equals 624 posts about the our relationship with the Holy Spirit and insights about how to work together with Him.

This week and next week, I want to go back through these twelve years and share with today’s readers a few of the what I call “quotable nuggets” that have been used in previous posts. I am confident that these quotations from some of my spiritual heroes will be a tremendous blessing to you. 

“In the early church, signs and wonders and miracles followed. They cast out demons, blindness and paralysis. That’s normal Christianity! We’re so sub-normal, if we ever became normal, they (the world) will think we’re abnormal.” Leonard Ravenhill 

“If the holy Son of God needed the anointing of the Spirit for His ministry, what supreme folly to imagine that we can dispense with it!” P.C. Nelson ~ The Baptism in the Holy Spirit

“It is impossible to overestimate the importance of being filled with the Spirit.” Smith Wigglesworth ~ Ever Increasing Faith

“If you want to know how the Spirit acts now, just read how He did act when He had full possession of the Church. The Book of Acts is a blueprint by which the Holy Spirit wishes to work throughout His dispensation.” F.F. Bosworth ~ Christ the Healer

“As long as the gospel is preached and there are creatures to receive it, the power to demonstrate the supernatural will remain on earth.” George Jeffreys ~ The Phenomena of Pentecost

“Destitute of the fire of God, nothing else counts; possessing fire, nothing else matters.” Samuel Chadwick ~ The Way to Pentecost

“I have found in my own life that the more that I pray and worship God in tongues, the more manifestation of other gifts of the Spirit I have. The less I talk in tongues, the less manifestations I have. Speaking with tongues is the door into the rest of the spiritual gifts.” Kenneth E. Hagin ~ Why Tongues?

“Whether we speak of His ministry during His earthly career or since He returned to heaven, there is no difference at all as to the manifestation of His power in casting out devils, healing the sick, raising the dead, cleansing the leper, causing the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak. When Jesus Christ was upon the earth, He wrought miracles by the power of the Spirit: When He returned to heaven He continues to work by the same power.” D.W. Kerr~ The Phenomena of Pentecost



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13 May The Supernatural Power of Communion – Part 4

I am so excited. After reading the previous three blog posts in this series, many of you have developed a new-found love and appreciation for Communion. Forever gone are the days of Communion being just a religious ritual or a “git ‘er done and over with” five-minute tradition in a church service. There is now an understanding that partaking of the juice and wafer opens the door for the paid-in-full redemptive work of Christ to be appropriated. Hallelujah!

While there is so much more that I could share about Communion, let me close with these two thoughts.

First, please don’t restrict Communion to just being a once-a-month, only-on-Sunday-morning celebration. I want to encourage you to do the “as often as you …” (1 Corinthians 11:26) often away from your church service. No where in the Scriptures do you read that Communion has to be celebrated in a particular location, administered by a particular person, on a particular day of the week. Communion is not day/time/location sensitive. It is HEART sensitive. I encourage you to celebrate the Lord’s Supper in your private prayer time with the Lord. In doing so, your time of prayer will never be the same again. You might also share Communion with your spouse or family or small group.

Secondly (and lastly), here is a suggestion for Pastors. With many of today’s churches streaming and also video and audio archiving their services, please make a conscious effort to encourage those watching and listening to participate in the Communion service. There are so many shut-ins watching your service each week on their computer or smart device. There are many, many others from all over the country who will watch and hear your service in the days to come. Include them in your Communion service. Look at the camera and specifically address those watching to pause the video/audio, go get a piece of bread or cracker or wafer and some juice, and then join in on acknowledging and appropriating the benefits of the broken body and shed blood of Christ. Create an opportunity and expectation for God’s wonder-working power to touch those who you rarely or might never see. With your powerful explanation/mini-teaching given in EACH Communion service, expect to hear reports from those actually sitting in your service and also those streaming your service telling you “Look what the Lord has done!” as they joined and participated in your Communion. (Pastors, I’ve never seen this done. Pastors act oblivious of those viewing their services. You’ll be a trend-setter. Write and share with me your testimonies.)

Has this series blessed you? If so, please send me a short note. billy@billyburns.com


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06 May The Supernatural Power of Communion – Part 3

I have to admit that I have been mild in the first two segments of this teaching. Now, I’m going to kick into third and then fourth gear and get really, really bold. Ready?

Let me state emphatically, communion isn’t a meaningless tradition or powerless ritual. No. A million, billion times no. I will go so far as to state that, for the believer, the taking of the Lord’s Supper can be and should be one of the most powerful connections with God. The acknowledgement of the great sacrifice and the appropriation of the benefits of the broken body and shed blood releases God’s 100% supernatural, miracle-producing, healing-generating, deliverance-rendering power. 

Here comes the boldness. Communion is THE perfect time to whole-heartedly expect the supernatural power of God to be seen and experienced. I stated last week that communion provides the believer the opportunity to look at the paid-in-full receipt of redemption and declare, “It’s mine, I’ll take it here and now”. I’ll take the boldness up another notch. Healings and deliverances ought to be common place during communion! When the wafer touches our lips, we are provided the opportunity to boldly declare that the “by His stripes we were healed” (1 Peter 2:24) is ours right here, right now. The price has been paid for the full and total healing for cancer, blindness, arthritis, deafness, or any illness or malady. It should be the norm to see instantaneous miracles transpiring throughout the congregation. The same can be said as we partake of the juice. When the juice touches our lips, we are provided the perfect opportunity to boldly declare that the “blood of Jesus cleanseth us from all sin” (1 John 1:7). This acknowledgement of the shed blood declares that the price has been paid for our full and total freedom from sin and its bondages. We can expect tormenting strongholds to be annihilated at that very moment. Hallelujah!

I’ll kick into a higher gear with the boldness. (I know that this will go cross-grain against religiosity.) Communion can’t be quiet and somber. One more time … no! A million, billion times no. As God’s power is released and the “already paid for” is realized and experienced, if anything, it is a time for shouting and dancing and rejoicing. It is a time of unrestrained, exuberant rejoicing all around the congregation because, to use the words from the first verse of an old hymn of the church, “Hallelujah, what a thought! Jesus full salvation brought, victory, victory …” As people capture the significance of what is being accomplished in this “full salvation brought” communion, I guarantee that pastors will have trouble regaining control of the service. Hallelujah!

Next week, I’ll share one final, powerful thought about communion.

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