It happened again this week…the Holy Spirit spoke, I obeyed, and well, I am a blessed man. Here’s the testimony.

First, you need to know the background for the testimony coming from what was at the time a ticked-off Billy Burns. This was and is my rant – I have had my fill of companies that raise their rates only to raise their rates again a few months later and then raise their rates again a few months later. To me, so many companies today are singing the lyrics of a 1970s Eagles song – “Take it to the limit, one more time”. (Contrary to some people’s opinion, I do know a few songs that aren’t in the Southern Gospel genre.) It was and is enough to make me mumble!

(Don’t quit reading. It’s about to get spiritual.) On Tuesday of this week, I was in my office, sitting at my desk working on a time-sensitive project when “out of the blue” came a “random” thought directing me to check my billing cycle for one of the gouger companies, one that I was planning to soon drop their services. Stop working to check on this gouger? Now? I was busy on the project PLUS I was tired and ready to call it quits for the day. Adding one more task to my already too-long day was the last thing that I wanted to do. But yet, the prompting was undeniable.

Before this past Tuesday, I decided to put an end to my “relationship” with this particular gouger and find another company that would offer the same if not better services at a far better price. Finding a better company was easy but that is where my action ended. I got distracted and wound up placing the termination of my original service on the back burner.

Thank God for the “Great Reminderer” (John 14:26) who LOVES to talk (John 16:13). I know that I know that I know that the “out of the blue” Prompter was the Holy Spirit. (Get ready to get excited.) Here is what His nudging and my obedience brought about. When I called the company that evening to terminate their services, I learned that if I waited until the very next day (Wednesday), a new billing cycle would begin and I would be responsible for a new month’s charge. Delaying my action by just a few hours would cause me to owe $80 for the February billing cycle. That may not sound like a lot of money to you, but, if we were still living in Texas, imagine how many Whataburgers that would buy! You’re already ahead of me. Listen, before you could spell the word “Mississippi” in Pig Latin, I told the customer service representative to immediately close the account. My account with that company was officially finished. Kaput. Over and done with. History.

Many more paragraphs could be written about the testimony you’ve just read. But to me, my pastor B.B. Hankins said it best – “I wouldn’t want to cross the street without the Holy Ghost.” That goes double for me!!!!!

Oh, and by the way – TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost!