Walk of the Spirit

25 Mar It’s Really Easy Peasy!

I will readily admit that I am not the smartest person in the world. But then again, that might be open for debate. I do remember that I was so bright as a child that my mother called me son (sun). Brilliant or not so brilliant, I must confess that when I was in school, I loved taking tests that were open-book tests with the answers being easy to find in the book. In these type of tests, no thinking was required. All that I needed was a little bit of time and the ability to read. To use a Vickie colloquialism, open-book tests were "easy peasy".  When it comes to the subject of the infilling of the Holy Spirit, I am thankful that God's Word takes away all of the guesswork and plainly shows our Father's heart. In other words, the answers to any and all questions about the Holy Spirit are easy peasy. It's all open-Book. Take for example this question. Who does God want to baptize in His Spirit? You might think that this is a trick question because it actually has three answers. Open up your Bible and you will quickly find that the answers are ...

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04 Mar Holy Spirit 101, The Basics

Welcome to Holy Spirit 101, the Basics, the ultimate foundational study of the Holy Spirit. As with any 101 class in high school or college, what would be an in-depth, immense teaching has been reduced to a simple, bare-bone, easy-to-comprehend overview of the subject. The subject matter in this basic teaching is taken from the introduction given by Jesus of the soon-to-arrive Holy Spirit. (John 14-16). This easy-to-remember five-word alliteration will definitely be something to share with other believers. Person - When talking about the Holy Spirit, Jesus over and over again (19 times to be exact) used personal pronouns like He, Him, Himself. Jesus was telling us that the Holy Spirit is NOT a mysterious force or mist or vapor. It is through His Personhood that we can have a relationship with Him. (John 14:16,17,26; 15:26; 16:7,8,13,14)Promise - The sending of the Holy Spirit wasn't an afterthought in the Father's mind. (John 14:16) Presence - At one time, the Holy Spirit would come upon select individuals for a given amount of  time for a specific purpose. Now, the Holy Spirit has been sent to live and abide within each and every believer forever. (John 14:16-17)Purpose - The Holy Spirit was sent to be our Helper. Many modern translations use the word "Helper" in place of the word "Comforter" found in the King James Version. Throughout His teaching, Jesus listed several of the many ways that the Holy Spirit would help His followers. (John 14:12,16,17,18,26; 15:26; 16:7-14)Priority - Jesus told His followers that the sending of the Holy Spirit was not on heaven's eventually-get-around-to-it list. No. A million times no. Jesus knew that without the abiding presence of another Comforter (John 14:16) His followers would be helpless (John 14:18). Upon arriving in heaven, Jesus said that He would pray the Father to send the One who would give us the needed advantage (John 16:7) to enable us to do His work (John 14:12). The sending of the Holy Spirit was heaven's priority and the receiving of the promised Helper must be our priority. Your assignment for this Holy Spirit 101, the Basics class ...

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04 Feb The Baptism in the Holy Spirit – Part 3

Because they heard your teaching (Part 1), prepared for and know what to expect upon receiving this gift (Part 2), this final part is easy (and exciting).  The Baptism in the Holy SpiritPart 3 – The Receiving Let me first relieve you as the pastor/teacher/leader of any anxiety or fear by sharing the verse that we used in the first blog post in this series. “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children:how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spiritto them that ask him?”Luke 11:13 This verse reminds us that there is absolutely NO pressure on your part. (Go ahead and let out a great big sigh of relief. ) You have nothing to do with this gift. You don't have to create the gift. You aren't the giver of the gift. And, you aren't the one receiving this gift. All that you have to do is provide the opportunity for these believers to receive! (This would be a great time for another Texas-size whew!)  Here are some simple steps to take during the altar ministry. Read or share Luke 11:13 to instruct that our part is to ask and His is to give. Read or share Acts 2:4 to turn on their "expectator". (See Part 2) Ask for a Spirit-filled believer to stand with each individual.  After leading in a prayer asking to receive the gift, set the example by boldly praying and worshiping God out loud in your heavenly prayer language. Leading by example gives an assurance that the language that they have isn’t spooky or weird.  I would be amiss if I didn't close out by sharing this final bit of wisdom. Over the years, I have witnessed some really unbelievable things happen during these altar times. Let’s use a little brain power. Here are some things to not do: PLEASE don’t tell the seeker the words to say. I have witnessed well-intentioned people tell people to repeat words like these … “who stola the keysa to my Honda”, “tie a my tie, tie a my bowtie”. Don’t insult the Holy Spirit by creating a language that according to Acts 2:4 should come from Him. “… as the Spirit enabled them.” PLEASE don’t frighten the seeker by being loud and boisterous. The Holy Spirit is a Person, not an emotion. You don’t have to MAKE things happen by being loud and emotional. PLEASE don’t create confusion. Don’t beat them on the back and holler “hold on” while the person on the other side is saying “turn loose!” Is this difficult? No. It this complicated? No. No. Is ministering on this subject pressureful? No. No. No. Again, to me this is the EASIEST message to preach because the Father is ANXIOUSLY awaiting the opportunity to GIVE this GIFT to EVERYONE who asks!  If you have any questions, I am just an email away. billy@billyburns.com. ...

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