Walk of the Spirit

30 Dec A Few of My 2019 Favorites

This morning while getting dressed to go to church, I watched the television program CBS Sunday Morning. With this being the last Sunday of the year, almost the entire program was dedicated to highlights from the past twelve months. Not to be outdone by CBS, I too want to do some recapping. With this being the final blog post of the year, I want to look back at 2019 and share a few of my favorite blog and Billy Burns Ministries Facebook posts. Favorite Blog Posts: He's The "Five W" Holy Spirit - http://bit.ly/2WQdfoz "Hankinsisms" - Wisdom from Pastor B.B. Hankins  - http://bit.ly/387SfQQ The Holy Spirit is a Talker! - http://bit.ly/2YWQsJp Holy Spirit 101, The Basics - http://bit.ly/2EFz4QB Praying in the Spirit Illustrations - Part 13 - http://bit.ly/2XbriGk Favorite Facebook Quotes: (Posted each Monday on www.facebook.com/billyburnsministries.) John Osteen - "The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is the doorway to God's supernatural power." Donald Gee - "The Pentecostal Baptism brings us in touch with the supernatural power of God." Norvel Hayes - "You must believe the Bible so you can have the results that are in the Bible." Smith Wigglesworth - "When the power of the Holy Ghost is present, things will happen." Kathryn Kuhlman - "He's more real to me than you are." Favorite Facebook Holy Spirit Realities: (Posted each Tuesday on www.facebook.com/billyburnsministries.) The Holy Spirit's power … ALWAYS available. ALWAYS sufficient. ALWAYS reliable. The Holy Spirit is always up-to-date! What foolishness we possess when we fail to allow the Helper to help! Some of my favorite words found in the Book of Acts … "So they, being sent by the Holy Ghost …" (Acts 13:4) The Holy Spirit has seen your future and isn't frightened at all. (John 16:13) Favorite Facebook Billyisms: (Posted each Wednesday on www.facebook.com/billyburnsministries.) It is difficult to function without the unction. (1 John 2:20) Let's have services where the actions of the Holy Spirit require explanation for the visitors! Yes, Holy Spirit. (Enough said!) The demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit always needs explanation. After all, they are SUPERnatural. With God, it is impossible to be impossible. Thank you for following this blog throughout 2019. I am looking forward to enjoying the walk of the Spirit alongside of you throughout the upcoming year!    ...

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09 Dec Hold On To Your Socks!

I don't know whether or not this happens to you, but at times, I can read a book and within hours, most of what I've read has escaped my memory. So, some time ago, I took steps to keep this from robbing me of what I've read. First of all, I began to highlight the thoughts and add annotations in the side margins. And then I went one step further. I created an Excel spreadsheet file on my computer and began to enter those quotations for future reference. For those of you who follow my Billy Burns Ministries page on Facebook, you see these quotations each Monday. (www.facebook.com/billyburnsministries) Some four or five months ago, I read a small pamphlet written by Jimmy Swaggart titled The Baptism in the Holy Ghost. Though the booklet was only 29 pages in length, it contained so many powerful nuggets that I couldn't afford to forget, thoughts that I had to enter into my quotations file. This week, I want to share a few of these quotations with you. To use my southern vernacular, I believe that these truths will bless the socks off of you! "Sending a Christian into the world without the Holy Spirit is tantamount to sending a soldier into battle without a weapon. Admittedly, at the moment a person is saved, he becomes a Christian just as a person becomes a soldier the moment he is sworn into the Army. But the inductee is not ready for battle until he has basic training and has been issued his weapons. And the Christian is in the same condition at the time of salvation. If he isn't encouraged to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, preparing him for the ever continuing battle against Satan, he is being sent out onto a battlefield woefully unprepared." *********************************** "Salvation is God's greatest gift to the world. The Holy Ghost is God's greatest gift to His children, the Church." *********************************** "For the person planning to die within the next few days, there probably aren't any great advantages to receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. But for those who don't plan to leave this vale of problems soon, there are tremendous advantages." *********************************** "Salvation equips us to enter into the presence of God after mortal life is over. The Baptism in the Holy Ghost equips us to live fruitfully (and happily) during those years before we go to be with God." *********************************** "At salvation, life is imparted to someone who is heretofore dead. In the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, power is imparted to the Christian who was previously weak and ineffectual. He is henceforth fitted for service to God." *********************************** "We need power if we are to work effectively against the perverting, destructive conspiracy promoted by the enemy. Anyone hindering the Christian in any way as he enters this battle is tacitly working for Satan, even though he might be appalled at the thought of doing so." ...

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02 Dec The Demystified Holy Spirit

I'm going to try something totally new in this blog post. For the first time in the 12+ year history of writing this blog, I am simply going to give the title, a brief explanation of the subject, the scripture reference, a set of four questions drawn from the scripture reference, and then leave it to the Holy Spirit to use these questions to make Himself known in your life in a fresh, new way. TITLE: The Demystified Holy Spirit BRIEF EXPLANATION OF THE SUBJECT: The 19:2 Déjà vu Epidemic has invaded much of today's Church. The 19:2 refers to a situation found in Acts 19:2 that showed a group of Ephesian believers that were clueless about the Holy Spirit. Some 2,000 years later, it has happened again. Once again, believers all around the world are mystified about the Holy Spirit. Consequently, this lack of understanding is keeping Him from having a relationship with many of today's believers. SCRIPTURE REFERENCE: John 14 - 16 FOUR QUESTIONS: 1. The Holy Spirit showing up on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) wasn't His idea. From your reading of John 14-16, what/who brought about the Holy Spirit being sent to the Church? 2. In our scripture reference, we read over and over again that Jesus showed that the Holy Spirit is not a mystical, unknowable force or entity. You will notice that Jesus constantly referred to the Holy Spirit using personal pronouns. Count how many times that He used these pronouns. Why would knowing that the Holy Spirit is a Person be important to your relationship with Him? 3. In reading through the passage, I am confident that you noticed that Jesus told us that having a relationship with the Holy Spirit would be to our advantage. The "He  shall ...

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