I know that you already know this about me but I will share it anyway. One of the greatest passions of my life is to work together with the Holy Spirit for this generation. I love each and every time that I write or say “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost!”. To me, these are what I call door-opening words to ignite His involvement in my personal life and movement in our Holy Spirit Rallies and Ignite and Unite Conferences. This is truly His day.

One of the many things for which I love to declare TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost is today’s children’s ministry. In churches all across America, many children’s ministry leaders have compromised and settled for just good, entertaining, safe, user-friendly services. Oh, yes, some Bible and Bible principles are interspersed in their 60-minute lesson. But, I contend that there is more! The cry of my heart (and I believe the heart of the Father) is to see children’s ministries that raise up Jesus-loving, Bible-quoting, Holy Spirit-knowing, power-flowing, hell-razing, mighty boys and girls. My title for these kids would be Pneuma Force (Holy Spirit Force).

With that in mind, I sense the urgency in my spirit to make the following declarations about the children’s ministry in churches across America. In this year, we will see…

  • EACH AND EVERY CHILDREN’S MINISTRY LEADER/WORKER BAPTIZED IN THE HOLY SPIRIT. This is a MUST (not an option) because this is a New Testament requirement for those involved in any form of ministry. (Acts 6:3). (See Filled to Overflowing and Supernatural Tour Guides)
  • THE “BEING GOOD” MENTALITY WILL BE ERADICATED. Being good isn’t enough. Being loving and caring isn’t enough. Being relevant isn’t enough. The presence and power of the Holy Spirit is a MUST.  (1 Corinthians 2:4). (See Totally Dependent Upon the Holy Spirit)
  • JUST ANY OLE’ LESSON WILL NO LONGER DO. Just because the curriculum has biblical truths, just because it holds the children’s attention, just because it is easy for volunteers to teach will no longer be the criteria by which ministry is chosen. The curriculum MUST be a carrier of the glory and fire of God. (Jeremiah 20:9) (See Did You Buy the T-Shirt in Cowlick, Arizona?)
  • BABIES AND TODDLERS WILL KNOW GOD’S POWER. This year, baby and toddler ministry teams will begin to hold each child and pray the secrets of heaven as they pray in other tongues and declare words of life (God’s Word) over the child. (1 Corinthians 14:2 and Job 22:28). (See Don’t Exclude the Babies!)
  • SOUNDS OF HEAVEN WILL FREQUENT CHILDREN’S SERVICES. The unexpected will become the expected as children learn how to truly enter His presence in their perfected (KJV) praise and worship. (Psalm 8:2, Matthew 21:16) (See Turbo-Charged Worship and Want Passionate Worshipers? and Touching Heaven)
  • MAN’S PREPARATION WILL GIVE WAY TO HOLY SPIRIT INTERRUPTIONS. Spirit-led, Spirit-sensitive ministry will at times “park the bus” and make room for deep moves of the Spirit. (Acts 10:44) While preparation and study are a MUST (2 Timothy 2:15), there will be times when the Holy Spirit will change the course of the ministry and halt what has been planned. (See Holy Spirit Interruptions)
  • PARENTS WILL WAIT OUTSIDE TO NOT HINDER OR WILL COME INSIDE THE CLASS/AUDITORIUM TO JOIN THEIR CHILDREN IN THE TANGIBLE PRESENCE OF GOD. I decree that the glory of God will fill classrooms and auditoriums. What was witnessed during the days of Solomon (2 Chronicles 5:14; 7:1-4) will happen this year as leaders and children yearn for His presence. This might seem radical to some, but I’m declaring that parents will come after their adult service and find leaders and children sprawled across the floor, sounds of worship and praying in the Spirit will fill the air, and signs and wonders flowing in and through the children. (See The Shekinah Glory)

Is this your heart’s cry? If so, join me in making these declarations (Job 22:28) over the leaders and volunteers of your children’s ministry. Then, share this post with others so that together we can declare the heart of our Father for this generation.