02 Jan The Year of the Bigger

I will admit that this blog's title is misleading. For some, it sent a chill down your spine for fear that I was advocating throwing dieting aside thus producing the need for a larger sized wardrobe. So, relax and go ahead and keep on munching on your no calorie, no sugar, no salt, no taste food and drink your no zero calorie, zero taste water. This blog is about something totally different. As we start this new year, I want to challenge you to set your sights on bigger goals and, as a result, reap bigger rewards. To further narrow the purpose of the blog, I want to challenge you to set a goal for something that you can't accomplish by yourself, especially in the area of giving. During our 25 years of being children's pastors in South Florida, we challenged our children's ministry to go beyond their weekly tithes and offerings and take on a different giving project each year that would impact places in the world that we would never go and help people that we would never see. This was a concerted sacrificial giving to go after a bigger, lasting harvest. One year, we invested into an orphanage in the Honduras and provided the funds for much needed bunk beds. Another year, we provided the funds to build a kitchen and additional classrooms for a school in Burkina Faso. Another year, the entire children's ministry gave week after week to provide the necessary funds to drill a water well in Africa. And, one of my favorite projects was the year that we raised the funds to provide literature for pastors in underground churches in the Middle East. I could go on and on. Here is the purpose of this blog. In 2017, with the approval and knowledge of your leadership, I want to challenge you and your Sunday school class, children's church, youth ministry, small group to take on a mission that just one person alone can't accomplish. Determine that 2017 is the year of the bigger and by a concerted joint effort the impossible will become possible. Some practical advice ...

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27 Jul Ready to Raze Hell!

It's all too easy to get into a rut in anything that you do, be it in work, relationships, hobbies, and ministry. You'll have to admit that you've either been in a rut in the past or may be in one right now. I know because I've been there and got and worn the t-shirt. When you are in this rut mentality and/or spiritually, you just go through the motions with little effort and little concern about the ramifications of your actions or lack of actions. Consequently, nothing of value is accomplished. Here's a quick reminder to get you back on course for ministry. I will declare with no reservation, it is no coincidence that you are where you are in ministry. You have been STRATEGICALLY ...

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13 Apr It Happened at 3:30 AM!

Here's an honest to goodness confession. I messed up. I know that it's difficult to believe. There are those who believe that I am so perfect that when I step into the shower and accidentally raise my hands that the waters part thus making it difficult for me to get wet. Here's the confession. A couple of days ago, I quickly read my daily Bible reading, made a quick one-sentence entry into my journal, and then raced off to get the next thing done on my to-do list. Every thing was great until 3:30 AM when the Holy Spirit awakened me to show me what my haste had caused me to overlook. Mind you, I was in bed that night minding my own business when He interrupted my dreams. I'm telling the truth. I'm not preaching. (That's a poor joke about preachers who "create" stories to emphasize a point.) Before I tell you about what He said, let me attempt to defend myself. You see, the Bible reading earlier that day was the all too familiar account of the baby Jesus being presented in the temple. Mind you, I've been in church for 58 years and have heard this story hundreds of times. I knew the story. So, in my defense, I didn't feel like that I needed to spend an enormous amount of time in Luke 2. My one-sentence journal entry was decent and so I was finished ...

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