If I were to receive a last-minute invitation to teach in one or more conference workshops or preach in one or more church services and only given my Bible and a tablet containing this year’s blog posts to use as my teaching/preaching notes, which would be my go-to blog posts? In other words, which are my two-thumbs-up favorites (three-thumbs-up if I had three hands)? I’ll be honest. It is so, so challenging to look through this year’s 51 posts and narrow it down to just five blog posts. Hopefully, my faves will become your faves. I’ve got my thumbs ready, how about you?

  • It Happened in Chattanooga, Tennessee (February 8) This was a difficult choice to make. After launching the series with “Power-Packed Kids” in January, I shared four posts telling of God’s wonder-working power flowing through children. The testimony of what happened in Chattanooga is wonderful, but then again, so are the posts telling of what happened in Lake Wales, Florida, Lake Worth, Florida, and Humble, Texas. If it can happen in each of these cities, it can happen where you live. (You can tell that Christmas is over and I’m not pressured to be on the Nice List any longer. I did a “Sneaky Pete” and listed links to six posts on this one entry.)
  • Get It Here! (March 31) The title says it all. God wants you to make it known that whatever is needed can be delivered right where you are.
  • The Holy Spirit’s Problem (July 27) This is one of my all-time favorite posts from this year. Take three minutes to read the post and you will agree!
  • What’s Happened to the Wonder? (August 24) This post would take some really strong Holy Spirit unction to cause me to stand in today’s pulpit and ask this question.
  • Just Kids? (September 15) This needs to be preached and preached some more and preached a whole lot more and then taught and taught some more and then taught a whole lot more.

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