They say that confession is good for the soul. So, here goes. In my childhood, I had a major drug problem. It’s true! I was drug from one church service to the next church service. (Sorry for disappointing you with my sordid past!) Summer vacations consisted of being drug from one vacation bible school to the next. It didn’t matter the religious flavor. I was a Baskin-Robbins kid. I enjoyed all 31 flavors of Christianity.

Because of my drug problem, I never saw the end of The Wizard of Oz until after I was married. After all, it was televised on Sunday nights beginning at 6 PM and every good Pentecostal child went to EVERY Sunday night service. With our service beginning at 7 PM I never knew if Dorothy and Toto ever made it back to Kansas.

I’ll never forget the night that Vickie and I watched the ENTIRE program and for the first time, I discovered that Dorothy and Toto made it back home. It was a genuine tear-jerking moment. I instantly fell in love with the Over the Rainbow song, especially the line where “And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.”

I’m living out a dream. Last Sunday, Vickie and I celebrated our 18th anniversary as being the Children’s Pastors at Trinity Church International, Lake Worth. Not many Children’s Pastors can say that. In just a few days, Vickie and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. In just a very few days, our first grandchild, William Joseph (Joey) Burns, is going to be born to our oldest son, Jason, and his wife, Elisabeth. They are pastoring Access, a church community, in Lakeland, FL. (Check out Our second son, Michael, is starting his final year of Bible college as he prepares for the ministry. Our youngest son, Aaron, is 15 and loves God and the church … there’s not many PK (Preacher’s kids) that can say that. Vickie and I are also hosting regional, national, and international Ignite the Supernatural Conferences (check out and also speaking at other one and two day conferences around the country. Starting today, I’m beginning the blog which will be added to each Monday and in a few days posting our first e-newsletter. Dream after dream is coming to pass.

Dare to dream. Dorothy had it right. Dream … with God’s help, they really do come true!