January 2009

26 Jan Having Trouble Hearing God’s Voice?

I read of an elderly man who thought that his wife was going deaf. To test her hearing, he walked across the room, turned his back to his wife and said, "Can you hear me?" There was no response. So, he moved a little closer to her and repeated the question, "Can you hear me?" Again, there was no response. So, he moved a little closer so that he was standing near his wife and said, "Can you hear me now?" This time, he heard his wife say, "For the third time, I can hear you!" He thought that the hearing problem was his wife's, but it was really his problem.If you have been having trouble hearing from God, consider moving closer to Him. Remember that God promised, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." (James 5:8)....

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13 Jan It’s Time to Pick a Fight!

Ever since I was a child, Samson has always been one of my biblical heroes. To this day, I love reading in the book of Judges about Samson’s ability to catch his enemy off guard and totally annihilate them. Samson would seemingly appear out of nowhere and put the smackdown on the Philistines. It is evident that he loved to pick a fight with his enemy and bring about justice.Why is this man still so significant in my life? Because like Samson, I am consumed with a desire to pick a fight on my enemy. I've had it. Enough is enough. I'm not going to sit back and watch this generation keep sinking lower and lower. I'm not going to complacently watch the enemy perpetuate his stronghold on our children. It's time to pick a fight.Consider this: "As Samson arrived at Lehi, the Philistines came shouting in triumph.But the Spirit of the LORD powerfully took control of Samson,and he snapped the ropes on his armsas if they were burnt strands of flax, and they fell from his wrists."Judges 15:14 (New Living Translation) The key to our ability to change this generation is "...

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