August 2017

28 Aug The Holy Ghost Lottery?

When Vickie and I lived in South Florida, I would see each day on my way to and from the church a large billboard that advertised the Florida lottery and its possible payout. At times, that payout would be in the tens of millions of dollars and others times in the hundreds of millions of dollars. To many Floridians, this was quite tempting, so tempting that thousands and thousands of people each week spent their hard-earned money for what might equal a one chance in 150 million of walking away with the lottery prize. Think about this ...

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14 Aug Mystified About Praying in the Spirit?

To many, God's choice of speaking in other tongues as an initial physical evidence of the Holy Spirit's indwelling and also a continual source to empower believers to make a difference in this world remains a mystery. To these Jesus-loving believers, the supernatural aspect of speaking in other tongues is too much for their natural mind to wrap itself around. Consequently, many believers choose to ignore what they don't fully understand thus causing them to miss out on one of God's greatest gifts to believers. Some time ago, I came across a quote that I consider to be the perfect answer for those confused about praying in the Spirit. The pioneer British Assemblies of God pastor, educator, convention speaker, and author Donald Gee addressed this issue in this concise and insightful way: "It is difficult to conceive of any other sign so simple, so universally available, and yet so suggestive of the Holy Spirit's complete control of the whole of man's ransomed powers." ~ Donald Gee "The Phenomena of Pentecost" Can you see how this quote should eliminate any and all confusion about praying in other tongues? Gee is explaining that, in pouring out His Spirit upon mankind, God has provided a way for us to know that we know that we know (a sign) that the gift has been received, made this gift with the accompanying evidence available for every believer in every place in the world (universally available), AND allowed man to totally yield in a way never before possible (complete control of the whole of man's ransomed powers). Once this is understood, the mystery is solved, confusion will leave, questions will be cast to the side, the believer will ask the Father for this gift, and, like the apostle Paul, they will say to those around, "I thank my God, I speak with tongues more than ye all." (1 Corinthians 14:18). Do the Church a favor. Let's eliminate this mystery by passing along this blog post to all who have questions about the validity and importance of praying in the Spirit. I know that they will thank you and thank you some more!  ...

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07 Aug My Way of Spiritual Growth

Here is a good, practical way to allow God's Word to grow in your spirit. I find that for myself, my greatest revelation from the Scriptures comes as I read a particular verse from several translations. I am blessed in the fact that over the years, I have accumulated many, many translations including several that aren't available online through sites like Gateway Bible and Bible Hub. As I read the translations, revelation comes as the difference in the wording provides a slightly distinct insight. And, here's the part that has caused my spirit to grow, so that I won't lose or forget that revelation, not too long ago, I began to enter those key translations onto an Excel spreadsheet so that I could mediate on these verses throughout my day. I created different spreadsheets for different topics, i.e., healing, Holy Spirit, worship, etc. Then, I placed these spreadsheets onto a platform that could be read on my PC, iPad, and iPhone allowing the verses and translations to be read at any place or time. As I updated the file on my PC, it would automatically update the other devices. Here is an example from my file on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit: So, now as I pray throughout the day, I can pull up this verse on my device and remind myself that as I am praying in the Spirit, I am being edified, improving myself, building up my spirit man, being encouraged ...

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