March 2008

31 Mar Make Room for the Holy Spirit

It is amazing. During the last few years, the American clothing industry has secretly created a way to make billions of dollars by altering the way that they measure our clothes. Let it be known throughout the land, they are making their clothes smaller and smaller. The medium isn't as medium as it used to be, the large isn't as large as it used to be, and so on. And, to make things worse, according to reputable supermarket tabloids, the global warming issue that is troubling everyone is not only affecting the polar ice caps, it is having a drastic effect upon the clothes hanging in our closets. This problem that Al Gore so eloquently addressed has invaded my clothes closet and is warping the fibers in the shirts and slacks making the clothes shrink. Combine the clothing industry conspiracy and the global warming fabric debacle and you will understand why I now have a closet full of clothes that no longer fit! It is getting more and more difficult to crowd all of me into such a limited area. The reason for this blog isn't to promote the Jenny Craig weight loss program. I've just described the Holy Spirit's feelings. In our lives and ministries, His allocated space is becoming smaller and more restricted. We are too busy in our personal lives for His interaction. The ministry formulas are creating less and less room for Him. The One whom Jesus told of in John 14, the Comforter or Parakletos, is looking for the opportunity to fulfill His assignment. He longs to walk alongside us 24/7, talking, counseling, guiding, helping, comforting, teaching, ...

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24 Mar Batteries Not Included

Let me describe what possibly could be every parent's worst nightmare. For months, your child has been hinting, begging, earnestly interceding for the latest electronic "necessity" of life. Although its price tag will take a large portion of your retirement savings, the anticipation of the look on your angel's face will make it worth the extreme sacrifice. On Christmas morning, the moment arrives. Excitement fills the air as your darling pushes aside package after package looking for the gift of all gifts. Upon finding what should be the package, wrapping paper flies through the air, then a shrill of excitement as the gift is ripped out of its package ...

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11 Mar The "Realness" of the Holy Spirit

Each week, I wrestle with trying to contain the blog to approximately 350 words. I know that people will only read so many words and then want to move on to the next site. Admittedly, I fail 90% of the time. There is just so much that I want to share and too little space to convey my heart and passion.This week, it will be easy to work within these self-imposed restraints. Though the words this week are few, the message is enormous. Here's the message:If the Holy Spirit isn't real to you, how is He going to be real through you?Those who move mightily with the Holy Spirit have this "realness" revelation. This revelation changes an "it" or a mystical force into Someone who longs to be real in your life and then your ministry. It was because of this revelation that Kathryn Kuhlman could say, "The Holy Spirit is more real to me than you are." His realness produces His manifest presence.How real is He to you? Do you talk to Him? Do you allow time for Him to talk back to you? Do you know His personality, likes, and dislikes?Turn off the teaching CD or the Christian television program. Close that book for a while. Get to know the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to walk off the pages of the Bible and become real to you. Then and only then will He become real through you....

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