April 2016

25 Apr Is Praying in the Spirit a Today Thing?

Even some 2,000 years after the last stoke of ink was used to complete the writing of the Bible, some argue the value of parts of its content. A case in point concerns the importance of praying in the Spirit, or, in other words, praying in other tongues. Really, this is a waste of brain cells to even consider discussing this matter. The man who wrote over half of the New Testament, had a personal visitation by Jesus while on his way to Damascus, visited the third heaven (most people would be thrilled to just make the first heaven), witnessed things on his visit to heaven that he declared to be unlawful to tell, wrote ...

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11 Apr Turbo-Charged Worship

Let me let you in on a truth that apparently has been lost or is being largely ignored today. One of the greatest benefits of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues is the privilege of singing/worshiping in the Spirit. It's true. Rarely, if ever, will you see leadership in today's church encourage the congregation to corporately enter into a time of singing in the Spirit. Rarely, if ever, will you hear Pastors teach their people to make this a part of their daily discipline in their walk of the Spirit. And, if it is true with the adult congregation, we can know that the children/student ministry leaders are also robbing those in their ministry from experiencing the limit-breaking journey into the heavenlies. Evidently the apostle Paul knew the benefit of singing/worshiping in the Spirit. He wrote ...

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04 Apr Pile Some Rocks!

We have all heard the statements "Christianity is just one generation away from extinction" and "God doesn't have any grandchildren". It's true isn't it! It's quite possible for what we have deposited in us to end with our generation. Let me insure that this doesn't happen by offering a practical, much-needed thought to you as a parent and to those involved in the various children's/student ministries. To be honest, this thought isn't original with me. It was formulated by God and passed on to us through Joshua. Here's the thought ...

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