September 2018

17 Sep Are You a Spiritual Streaker?

A couple of months ago, the Holy Spirit woke me up around 4 AM and gave me the strangest thought. He brought to mind a story that I wouldn't have thought of (especially in the middle of the night) in a million, billion years, The Emperor's New Clothes. The only other thing that He told me was a scripture, Luke 24:49. Being 4 AM, I didn't spend any time pondering about the childhood tale or the scripture. Surely, those thoughts could wait until a more convenient time. And wait they did. That is, until the Holy Spirit brought them back to my mind a couple of days ago.  For those unfamiliar with Hans Christian Andersen's classic tale, I will condense the story into a few sentences. There was an Emperor who was obsessed with his clothes that was duped by two swindlers that promised to weave cloth of the most beautiful patterns to create a robe for the Emperor that would be invisible to everyone unfit for the job he held or who was very simple in character. Once wearing the new robe, the Emperor paraded through town oblivious of the fact that he was only wearing his underwear. All of those around could readily see that the Emperor wasn't clothed. Upon hearing from his people that there was no invisible robe, the Emperor was upset, for he knew that the people were right. However, he continued the procession walking on in only his underwear.  Before sharing why I believe that the Holy Spirit woke me up at 4 AM, let me share the verse that He brought to my attention. “Listen carefully: I am sending the Promise of My Father [the Holy Spirit] upon you; but you are to remain in the city [of Jerusalem] until you are clothed (fully equipped) with power from on high.” Luke 24:49 (The Amplified Bible) Here is the revelation that I gained ...

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03 Sep I Have Some Confessions to Make

CONFESSION TIME - I love, love, love the Holy Spirit and I love, love, love having the opportunity to teach and preach about Him. This honestly is one my greatest joys in life! I love standing before a group of people to tell about the One sent by the Father to walk alongside believers and witnessing them begin a new-found relationship with Him. It's a bit of heaven on earth! THE CONFESSION CONTINUES - One of my greatest frustrations in life is, after teaching and/or preaching in a church, leaving the church and not having had the time to share more and more and more about the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. The 45 minutes to an hour given to me to minister on a Sunday morning provides me with barely enough time to impart a minuscule of what I would want to share. THERE'S MORE TO CONFESS - My frustration is relieved by knowing that believers can take a simple three step course of action to develop a relationship with the Holy Spirit. 1. Spend time with the Holy Spirit. While driving to/from work or taking a walk in the morning or evening, purpose to use that time to connect with Him. Dialogue ...

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