July 2014

21 Jul The Nations are Waiting

Please do me a favor and forgive my excitement. I'm having trouble containing myself. Knowing that we know that we know that we have heard from God, are moving 100% in His will and timing, and are seeing confirmation after confirmation that God has originated this new season of ministry causes me to need restraints to confine my anticipation. We know that we are in for the ride of our lives, living out a dream that is beyond our comprehension.   Here is the latest update. I'll use some restraint and squeeze it into a super short summary. I could literally write paragraph after paragraph about how God has put the pieces of this puzzle together. We are leaving our ministry and the wonderful volunteer staff and children in the hands of a great couple, Pastors Andy and Kristine VanDerLinden, (a story in itself on how God miraculously connected us to these outstanding children's pastors), sold our South Florida home in just THREE short days, found the perfect home in a seller's market (this means that homes are snatched up as soon as they are put on the market usually with multiple bids for the home even above the asking price) in North Richland Hills, Texas and we got it BELOW the asking price (even though there were other offers). I could keep going and going and going. We've moved into our home and are "enjoying" unpacking boxes. After a short time of rest, we will step into this new assignment and begin to travel full time conducting our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences, write books and publish curriculums, and preach in churches. We know that there is one more great move of God and we plan on being one of the igniters of this outpouring of God's Spirit.   I know that I clearly heard the Holy Spirit say, "The nation is waiting on you. The nations (plural) are waiting." Your church, city or country could be one of those places. To find out how this could happen, we are just an email away.   Again I want to thank you for partnering together with us in prayer and giving to enable us to step into this assignment.  To partner with us, you can give through our secure web site....

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14 Jul Our Heart, Our Directive, Our Need

I want to deviate from the type of blog posting that I normally share. Since the first blog was posted on August 20, 2007, I've been sharing with fellow Igniters in some 60+ nations about connecting and flowing with the Holy Ghost so that we can see one last move of God's Spirit. Now, just shy of our 7th anniversary of posting a blog each and every week, I am echoing a sentence from that "Dare to Dream" post. In that blog post, I quoted a line from the Over the Rainbow song from The Wizard of Oz ...

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07 Jul Giving the Advantage

While I was never much for participating in sports in my childhood and youth, when I did play, I always wanted to be on the winning side. So, in my effort to win, I was always looking and analyzing to insure that we had all of the advantages necessary for the victory. I wanted everything to work in our favor so that we would have the check mark in our win column.   In speaking to His followers just a few short days before His return to heaven, Jesus gathers them together and tells them:   " ...

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