September 2010

27 Sep Gross Out Saturday

I love being a Children's Pastor. I love the volunteer staff who faithfully work alongside us and the hundreds of children entrusted to our care. Allow me to use this week's blog to show a short video clip about an annual event that is by far our kid's favorite Saturday of the year. It is called Gross Out Saturday. It is through events like this I am able to connect with my kids. Connectibility rarely happens from a pulpit. It is through Gross Out Saturdays and Phat Sats and Ten Buck Tuesdays that I gain their love and trust which enables me to speak into their lives and see God begin to move among them. Enjoy the video clip! ...

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13 Sep I’ve Got a Secret

I admit it. I am a game show fanatic. Always have been, always will be. I could possibly live with the Game Show Network being my one and only channel on my Directv. (If I were more spiritual, I'd throw in GodTV, Daystar, and TBN.) I can’t imagine life without Wheel of Fortune, Family Feud (the original with Richard Dawson), Hollywood Squares, Press Your Luck, Name that Tune, ...

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06 Sep Activating Revival

I'm so excited. I see a genuine hunger for a revival in children's ministries. Children's ministries leaders around the world are desiring a move of God in their children. They are so dissatisfied with seeing their children sitting week after week untouched by the Holy Spirit. These leaders are desperately longing to see Holy Ghost interruptions in their services that will radically impact their boys and girls.Let me share a simple truth that will change longing into seeing. Here's the truth ...

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