November 2007

26 Nov Demonstrations of the Holy Spirit

I don't get or make many opportunities to go to the movies. It's just not a priority to me. The ticket price isn't really the drawback although tickets for 3 people and the required popcorn and soft drinks is a chunk of money. My drawback is the time factor. Before the main feature ever begins, they show 10 to 15 minutes of movie trailers or promos telling us what it coming in the near future. When it is all said and done, it is easy to spend a bunch of money and a LOT of time for a halfway good movie.A few months ago, I really felt challenged by the Holy Spirit to start each service or conference with a Holy Spirit trailer or promo telling what is coming during our time together. I heard the Holy Spirit say to read 1 Corinthians 2:4 and let them know to expect demonstrations of the Spirit and power during that meeting. In doing this trailer, I would create an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit can manifest His presence.In every service, the Holy Spirit wants to demonstrate His presence. Remember that Paul said that it wasn't his words that was going to affect the Corinthians. Elijah demonstrated this reality in 1 Kings 18. His preaching to the people and asking, "How long are you going to flounder back and forth between Baal and God?" didn't cause any change in the people's hearts. But, once God showed up and demonstrated His presence with the fire from heaven, people fell on their face before God in repentance.I challenge you to start expecting the Holy Spirit to demonstrate His presence. Announce it to the children in your ministry. Then, make room for Him to show up. The Holy Spirit will not disappoint you!One more thing. Have you told your Senior Pastor that we are offering free registration to Senior Pastors for the 2008 Ignite the Supernatural Conference? EVERYTHING that is being taught could have a huge impact on the future of the church. For details, Senior Pastors can visit

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22 Nov I’m Thankful!

It's Thursday, Thanksgiving Day. I know that I promote that the blog will come out each Monday. I felt bad for a few minutes about being so late this week until I spent time checking out the other children's ministry blogs on the web. Most blogs that I found are as regular and predictable as a snowstorm in Houston. It does happen, but not too often. So, the feelings of regret and remorse didn't stick around for too long.It is Thanksgiving Day. Vickie and I are up in Lakeland, Florida having the times of our lives. We have so much to be thankful for. Vickie and Elisabeth cooked a meal fit for a king. I guarantee that NO ONE can make a better turkey and dressing than Vickie! I won't even begin to brag on her pies. I'll just say that my waist was a whole lot smaller when I married her. Michael and I slept through the first quarter of the Cowboys/Jets game which proves that the Cowboys can win with or without me. I guess that Jason and Aaron were enough to motivate the Cowboys to another win. Our grandson Joey has been cranking out the smiles for us. What a day!I need your help. We just mailed out over 1,500 brochures for the January Ignite the Supernatural Conference. While that is a lot of brochures, each of you knows someone that has yet to hear about the conference. Help us by pointing your friends to the website There's not another conference like this in the nation. Let them know that they can register before December 1 for a special discounted registration rate.One more thing. Help us get the word out that we are offering free registration to Senior Pastors. For details, Senior Pastors can visit

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05 Nov Teaching With Heaven In Mind

Several years ago, I received a call from a lady asking that I conduct a memorial service for her nephew. The headlines of our Palm Beach Post had recently bannered the sordid details of this boy's death telling of how the boy's mother and live-in boyfriend had beat the boy to death and then used cosmetics in an attempt to cover the scars and bruises. When asked about how I could help the family, the aunt told me that I had already been a help. I learned that the only time the boy had ever been to church in his entire life was a few weeks earlier at our annual Easter candy drop. The boy was filled with excitement about a service at which we drop some 15,000 pieces of candy from a helicopter as it flew over our soccer field in each of our three Easter services. The opportunity to grab a bag full of candy drew the boy to what could possibly have been his only opportunity to learn about Jesus and make heaven his final home.What a sobering thought. One opportunity to share the Gospel. One opportunity to provide a choice for an eternal home. My mind began to race. I retraced each component of that service. Was the message clear? Did the ministry tools capture the children's attention? And, more importantly, did God's anointing permeate the candy-craving packed-out auditorium?What a sobering responsibility. Unknowingly, each ministry opportunity provides what might well be the only time that a child gets to hear about Jesus. Unknowingly, we might have been given the one opportunity to share the salvation message.Let's make each ministry opportunity count. Let's minister with the thought in mind that someone is counting on you to have God's anointing, message, and sensitivity. Only heaven knows who sits in front of you each week. Selah!...

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