May 2008

27 May The Intimacy of the Spirit

There is a common denominator among those who read the weekly blog, purchase my teaching CDs, and attend our Ignite Conferences. They all want to be mightily used by the Holy Spirit. They all want to flow in His gifts and power, right?If we all want to flow with the Holy Spirit and we know that the Holy Spirit wants to flow through us, then why aren't we seeing this in a greater degree? To quote one of my friends, "What's the deal?"I am convinced that the public demonstration of the Holy Spirit has a precursor ...

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19 May You Need the Specialist

Several years ago, Vickie and I had the privilege of ministering in Fiji for 7 days. During our stay, we ministered some 30 times. It was an awesome experience. Lives were changed, we had added to the Kingdom. I felt fulfilled in knowing that we had accomplished our assignment. We went back the next year and instead of ministering 30 times, we ministered I believe 5 times. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't a happy camper. We had traveled an enormous distance only to minister a few times. I felt as though my time was being wasted. I so wanted to get back on the plane and head home. John 14 - 16 tells of another Children's Ministry Specialist, who has traveled a long distance to fulfill His assignment. His teaching credentials are undisputed. (John 14:26). He has an uncanny ability to know what is coming next in your class and what should be done. (John 16:13) In fact, Jesus said that it to our advantage to have this Specialist's presence in your classroom. (John 16:7). Sadly, this Specialist, the Holy Spirit, often experiences the same restraint in our ministries that Vickie and I felt in our second trip to Fiji. There is much that He is assigned to accomplish. There are lives that He wants to impact. And yet, He is constrained and restricted to itsy, bitsy portions of our program and schedule. Let's allow this Specialist to fulfill His assignment. Let's allow Him to speak and work through us. Let's be attentive to His voice and direction. Then, the supernatural Spirit of God will begin to do supernatural things in and through our ministry. The results will be out of this world!...

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13 May The Holy Spirit in Jamaica!

What a weekend. It all began early Thursday afternoon with a flight to Jamaica. I had the privilege of conducting my first international Ignite & Unite conference Thursday night in Mandeville. For three hours, I taught some 40+ children's ministry workers how to flow with the Holy Spirit. Friday and Saturday, I participated in a Children's Convention at Fellowship Tabernacle teaching boys and girls about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. On Sunday morning, I had the privilege of preaching in the adult service. It was awesome to see God baptize children's ministry workers, children, and then adults in His precious Holy Spirit during the four days of ministry. Sunday morning was especially exciting. Of the 19 who came forward to be filled with the Spirit, I know of 18 that had a genuine encounter. It was everything that Jesus promised when He said that out of their bellies would flow rivers of living water. I believe that the service ended at 1:40 PM. We raced to the place where I was staying, I changed out of my soaking wet clothes, packed the final items in my luggage, and then drove two hours to the airport in Kingston. I had strict instructions from Vickie to not miss the airplane.What a privilege it is to be assigned the responsibility to travel and announce that today is the day of the Holy Ghost. When the announcement is made, He always makes a grand entrance and begins to fulfill His assignment. Today truly is His day!On another note ...

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