April 2015

20 Apr The “Secret” of How I Minister

Let me let you in on the inside scoop for my ministry preparation. Ready? First, do yourself a favor and be seated. I can't assume responsibility if the following knocks you off of your feet. So, one more time, please have a seat. Are you really ready? Here's my "secret". Just before I walk onto the platform, I pull myself away and pray in the Spirit. Before I arrive at the service, I've had my time in the Word. I've studied and prepared throughout the week and now have the notes in hand. But, one more time before I walk onto the platform, I have to have that time of praying in my heavenly prayer language. To me, those few brief minutes are the culmination of what has been going on long before I enter into the service. I know that as I pray in other tongues, I ...

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13 Apr It Happened at 3:30 AM!

Here's an honest to goodness confession. I messed up. I know that it's difficult to believe. There are those who believe that I am so perfect that when I step into the shower and accidentally raise my hands that the waters part thus making it difficult for me to get wet. Here's the confession. A couple of days ago, I quickly read my daily Bible reading, made a quick one-sentence entry into my journal, and then raced off to get the next thing done on my to-do list. Every thing was great until 3:30 AM when the Holy Spirit awakened me to show me what my haste had caused me to overlook. Mind you, I was in bed that night minding my own business when He interrupted my dreams. I'm telling the truth. I'm not preaching. (That's a poor joke about preachers who "create" stories to emphasize a point.) Before I tell you about what He said, let me attempt to defend myself. You see, the Bible reading earlier that day was the all too familiar account of the baby Jesus being presented in the temple. Mind you, I've been in church for 58 years and have heard this story hundreds of times. I knew the story. So, in my defense, I didn't feel like that I needed to spend an enormous amount of time in Luke 2. My one-sentence journal entry was decent and so I was finished ...

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06 Apr Demonstrate the Gospel

I absolutely love reading the writings of those who impacted generations by being trailblazers for moves of God. I was recently reading a yellowed-by-age, dog-eared paged book in my library The Phenomena of Pentecost. Though this book was published in 1931, the writings by great pioneers of the Pentecostal movement Donald Gee, P.C. Nelson, Myer Pearlman, George Jeffreys, and D.W. Kerr are still so relevant today. These names might by foreign to you. All of these men played a significant role in the worldwide outpouring of God's Spirit back in the 1930's and 1940's and laid the foundation for the move of God's Spirit that we are enjoying today. There are many quotes that I could share from each of these contributors. But, there is one sentence that I read that made me put the book aside and begin to rejoice and say over and over again, "Yes, yes, yes, yes. It's true." It comes from the chapter The Gospel of the Miraculous written by the founder of the United Kingdom's great Elim Pentecostal Church, a man who ministered in signs and wonders, George Jeffreys. "As long as the gospel is preached and there are creatures to receive it, the power to demonstrate the supernatural will remain on earth." Can you see why I became excited when I read that sentence? It was a strong reminder that heaven's power is readily available to validate the preached gospel. God's power is waiting to be released as we preach the good news. It's here. It's ready for release. All that I have to do is preach the gospel and provide the opportunity for heaven to back up through signs and wonders what has been preached. I'll stop writing so that you can throw your hands up into the air as you rejoice and open your mouth to start proclaiming, "Yes, yes, yes, yes. It's true." Now go demonstrate the gospel....

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