October 2014

27 Oct Bottlenecking the Holy Spirit

Several years ago, we scheduled Tommy Tenney to be the keynote speaker at our national Ignite the Supernatural Conference. To help with my conference budget, I asked around to find a place for Tommy to speak on the weekend so that the church and the conference could split the cost of his travel expenses. When I asked about the possibility of getting Tommy into a large Pentecostal church in the area, my friends immediately shot down my suggestion. They reminded me that the church leadership planned their services down to the precise minute with every segment of the service carried out according to the schedule. And, for those who have been in a Tommy Tenney meeting, we know that he thankfully follows the Holy Spirit and moves and flows according to His dictates. At times, Tommy's planned sermons are tossed to the side in order to follow His promptings and leadings. The unpredictable is the predictable! Needless to say, Tommy didn't speak at that particular church.   Children's/Youth ministry leader, are your kids missing out of all that God has for them because you've squeezed Him into a 3 or 4 minute allocated time slot? I know that you've studied and prepared. You've invested much time in finding creative, innovative ways to share the Good News. You've "studied to show yourself approved unto God". I applaud you for doing so. But, I'm sure that there have been countless times that God has tried to rearrange your plans and ministry outlines during a service but you've plowed on neglecting His nudges and promptings.   What if the Holy Spirit wanted you to go beyond your usual two fast songs and one slow song so that you could see David's words "You have taught children and babies to sing praises to you ...

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20 Oct Need Help in Your Local Church?

I realize that if we keep on doing what we've always done that we will have what we've always had. And, evidently, what we have been doing isn't producing a move of God in many churches. Some moving and shifting must take place in order to see an outpouring of God's Spirit.   In July of this year, Vickie and I stepped out into a new season of ministry to help usher in this move of God. We've heard from God telling us, "The nation is waiting for you. The nations (plural) are waiting." Now is the time to ignite a move of God!   I recognize that many people in your ministry can't  take time off from work to go out of town to attend a conference. So beginning in January 2015, we want to bring a Ignite & Unite Conference to them. This 3-hour, Saturday morning mini-conference is held at your church for your nursery, children's church, Sunday school, mid-week Bible club, and youth ministry leaders and volunteers. It's designed to ignite a work of the Holy Spirit in your team and build a solid, unified purpose in ministry. Then, we will minister to the church body on Sunday.   Here is what is covered in the conference: The Dangers of the Status Quo The Holy Spirit on Assignment The 10 Commandments of the Supernatural The Anointing Personal Time of Prayer Over Each Attendee   Many churches are putting together their 2015 calendars. I would ask that you speak to your pastor and ask him to contact us about coming to your church. There's no church that is too big or too small. Contact us at 561.827.9325 or email me. Need more information about us? Go to our website. Billy Burns Ministries....

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