December 2016

19 Dec Merry Christmas from Billy Burns Ministries!

Vickie and I pray that in this Christmas season and the upcoming new year that your life will be filled with His presence and the great joy that only He can bring! In 2017, we know that the God of the supernatural has powerful, miraculous plans in store for those who will work together with His Spirit. We believe that you are one of those individuals. So, get ready, get ready, get ready! Let me introduce the Burns family … On the far left is our youngest son Aaron with his wife Kaity by his side. To the right of Kaity is our oldest son Jason with his wife Elisabeth. In front of Elisabeth is their 9-year-old son Joey and his 6-year-old brother Gavin. Jason is holding their 2-year-old daughter Ella (our only granddaughter ...

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12 Dec Expect Signs and Wonders!

Before I share the following two quotes, I need to provide a warning. Perhaps I should share this warning in capital letters to place a special emphasis on what I'm about to tell you. Here it is. DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING QUOTES JUST BEFORE GOING TO BED. If these words are fresh in your mind and spirit, it will seriously mess up your ability to sleep. I share this because of previous experiences. I guarantee that what you're about to read will cause you to want to get up and start shouting. Now that you have been forewarned, read at your own risk. The first quote is from D.W. Kerr, a minister instrumental in the founding years of the Assemblies of God and the primary author of the Assemblies of God's Statement of Fundamental Truths. "A signless gospel is a spineless gospel; and spineless men preach a signless gospel." ~ D.W. Kerr  "Water in the Desert" This second quote is from R.E. McAlister, a Canadian pastor and evangelist and one of the founding members of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. "A signless gospel is a Christless gospel." ~ R.E. McAlister "Pentecost" Why is this shouting material? Because when I walk into a ministry opportunity, I am reminded that the norm for New Testament ministry is that "signs will follow those who believe". (Mark 16:17) Signs are to be expected! I can know that I know that I know that I can minister with boldness and full assurance that through signs and wonders the "power of God" (Romans 1:16) will validate the preaching of the Word. Go ahead and shout now!...

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05 Dec 2017 – The Year of the ALL!

God spoke through the prophet Joel promising that He would pour out His Spirit upon ALL flesh. We read in Acts 2 that in the upper room on the Day of Pentecost, the ALL is seen again. The 120 were ALL in one place and one accord. The sound of the rushing mighty wind filled ALL of the house. The cloven tongues of fire rested on EACH of them. And, they were ALL filled with the Holy Ghost and began to speak in other tongues. A short time later that same day, Peter stood and prophesied that this promise is for YOU and YOUR CHILDREN and ALL those who are afar off. It is so evident that God's heart is for ALL of His children to be filled and flow with His Holy Spirit. NO ONE is to be excluded. Vickie and I believe that this includes the ALL in your church. God desires that EVERY adult, youth, and child be baptized in His Holy Spirit. And we want to help you see this come to pass and see it happen in 2017! Click on the link to see how to host a Holy Spirit Rally for your congregation and/or a Ignite & Unite Conference for those ministering to your children and youth. This is the year!!! Holy Spirit Rallies and Ignite & Unite Conference Information Link ...

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