Here is an observation from 29+ years of children’s ministry. Many children’s workers fail to make it for the long haul. The children’s ministry grave yard is filled with the remains of those who passed from the scene with little fanfare. Their departure was as pronounced as their time of ministry. No one knew that they were there or that they left.

Why am I still around? How have I eluded the children’s ministry graveyard? Early in my ministry I learned this secret … I need you. I learned that my survival is contingent upon my reminding myself that I am utterly and helplessly incomplete without you!

Have you ever noticed that we are called the Body of Christ and not the cell of Christ? When I stand and function alone, I am merely a disconnected cell. The disconnected cell has no source of outside strength and nutrients to draw from. By only drawing from the limited resources within itself, the disconnected, isolated cell is doomed to a short lifespan. It is only when the cells (that’s you and me) are interwoven and connected that the Body is formed and able to function and survive.

Sadly, so many children’s ministry workers feel so disconnected and alone. The size of the church or the children’s ministry has no bearing on this situation. It is possible and probable that an individual can operate in a multi-person children’s ministry staff and feel as though that they are merely someone filling a gap in the organizational chart.

Come on, let’s connect. There are fellow children’s ministry workers working alongside of you in your church or in your area that needs more than an occasional passing greeting. They need to draw from the giftings, talents, and anointing that resides within you. And, in turn, you will benefit from the deposit that God has placed within them.

Come on, let’s be purposeful and intentional. Relationships often aren’t convenient. Someone (that’s you) has to take the initiative to pick up the telephone and call. It takes someone to offer to make time to get together for coffee or a meal.

Come on, let’s change the isolationalist mentality of the children’s ministry workers in your church and city. It is a travesty for individuals with the same passion and assignment to only talk while passing in the hallway or at a denominational meeting. We need each other.

Connect and relate. Connect and affirm. Connect and appreciate. Connect and listen. Connect and be the Body of Christ. Selah!