As I travel and teach in our Ignite & Unite Conferences, I LOVE teaching about working together with the Holy Spirit and seeing children’s ministry workers begin to understand how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit. For far too long, we haven’t understood that the Holy Spirit was sent to this earth with an assignment. He isn’t just biding time until Jesus returns. This Paraclete (the One who has been assigned to walk alongside us) is looking for opportunities to manifest His presence and power in us and through us. He has been assigned to each and every one of us to enable us to fulfill our God-given assignments.

This week, allow me to briefly share His first assignment in those of us who work in children’s ministry … the Holy Spirit is assigned to prepare us for the ministry that is set before us.

Every great athlete knows the value of preparing their body before they attempt their physical feat. Before competing in a race, you will see the athlete bending, twisting, and loosening up their body. Why? They know the importance of having a body ready for the upcoming race. Every great vocalist knows the value of preparing their voice before they walk onto the platform to sing. Why? They know that the greatest performance will come as their vocal chords are warmed up.

Sadly, many children’s workers have failed to learn this lesson. They haven’t learned that just being animated and having a war chest of brilliant ideas aren’t enough. These alone won’t produce lasting fruit. Preparation isn’t complete until the Holy Spirit is allowed to prepare us for what God has prepared for that time of ministry.

How is this accomplished? As we pray in our heavenly prayer language throughout the week, we are working together with the Holy Spirit as He builds us up (Jude 20) and edifies us (1 Corinthians 14:4) preparing us for the ministry task that lies ahead of us. Each time of praying in tongues fortifies our inner man. The end result is that we walk into the ministry session fully prepared, Satan is pushing his panic button, and great results are just minutes away!

I’ll continue this next week with the next assignment of the Holy Spirit … the Holy Spirit is assigned to prepare the children for the upcoming ministry.