Confession time … one of my greatest frustrations each week is that I want to communicate my passion for the Holy Spirit and help enable children’s ministry leaders to know Him and flow together with Him and yet I know that people’s reading capacity can’t keep up with the level of my passion. I could write pages and pages each week and just scratch the surface of what I want to communicate. I guess that my only recourse is to get to work on the books that I have hidden inside of me. I would LOVE to have one or two published by the 2009 Ignite the Supernatural Conference in February.

I concluded last week’s blog promising that I would continue discussing the assignment of the Holy Spirit in the next posting. Before I continue, let me direct you to two previous posts that show other portions of the Holy Spirit’s portfolio. They are a part of a teaching that I do in our conferences under the The Holy Spirit on Assignment teaching. Please take a few minutes and read the post on August 10, 2008 Lessons from a Gardener and the August 5, 2008 post The Holy Spirit Will Show You Things to Come.

Here’s a way to ease my frustration and still be somewhat brief. I won’t share the teaching on each portion of His portfolio. Rather, I will share the list that I use in my teaching and supporting scripture and allow you to complete the teaching yourself. Hopefully, I will have this teaching available by CD (this will include the audio teaching, my teaching notes, and a handout for your students) in a few weeks.

As you and I learn to commune with the Holy Spirit and learn the importance of praying in our heavenly prayer language, the Holy Spirit will be allowed to fulfill His assignment. He will:

  1. Prepare you for the ministry. Jude 20 (See last week’s blog)
  2. Prepare the children for your ministry. Romans 8:26 (See the Aug. 10, 2008 blog)
  3. Be your co-teacher. John 14:26
  4. Be your guide. John 16:13 (See the Aug. 5, 2008 blog)
  5. Be your super-charger, super-energizer. Acts 1:8
  6. Be your prayer limit breaker. 1 Corinthians 14:2, 14