A few years ago, my family attended a large denominational conference. While walking through exhibit areas and auditoriums, I was constantly stopped by friends. It seemed as though I could only take a few steps without being stopped for a brief reunion with a friend. One of my sons later commented that he thought that I knew everyone in the conference.

While that is a pretty big exaggeration, I have made a point in my life to invest in relationships. For example, this week in our Ignite the Supernatural Regional Conference, Vickie and I had the privilege of having a family reunion. Almost 100% of these individuals were “family” members that I’ve never met before. You see, these “family” members are related to us because of Christ’s blood. The connection was immediate. I loved sitting around the meal tables getting to meet and begin to know my family members. It was worth the trip to Minnesota to talk to them in the church foyer or after a workshop. While there is a great possibility that I will never see them again, the investment of my time and energies to connect with these individuals greatly impacted my life.

Do yourself a favor. Get to know your family. Invest your time in getting to know those in your area that have the same passion that you do for reaching children. Invest your time in going to conferences that have fellow children’s ministry workers who like you are fulfilling their assignment to change this generation. You’ll be a better person for the investment!