Have you ever considered that it is impossible to walk on the water while still remaining inside of the boat?

Many have the talk for having children flow with the Holy Spirit, but few have the courage to take bold steps of faith to see it come about. Many have the Pentecostal/Charismatic lingo down with the clichés and spiritualese. But few have dared to do whatever it takes to see the lingo become more than mere words.

Let’s be bold enough to do whatever it takes to see this be the generation that fulfills Joel’s prophecy. Let’s not just have a few songs in our services. Instead let’s be intense in our passion to worship Him. Let’s not just pray a obligatory prayer as we pray for the sick. Instead, let’s be bold as we lay hands on the sick knowing that the prayer of faith shall save the sick. Let’s expect them to be healed. Let’s not just talk about the importance of praying in our heavenly prayer language. Instead, let’s make praying in other tongues a part of our services. It’s NOT weird to be filled with the Holy Spirit. It’s NOT strange to have a prayer language. The boys and girls will never be convinced that it is okay to pray in their heavenly prayer language until they see you demonstrate this in each and every service. Let’s not just talk about being led by the Holy Spirit. Instead, let’s study and prepare for our ministry time and STILL be sensitive to His urgings and promptings. Let’s demonstrate following that inward voice.

Come on. Step out of the boat with me. Dare to step onto the water knowing that He told you to come. All that it takes is a command (He’s already provided the command) and then obedience. In other words, the next step is ours to make. The supernatural move of God is waiting on Y-O-U!