If you’ve ever been around me, you know that eating is one of my favorite sports! I’ve thought about creating a t-shirt that reads “I’ve conquered anorexia and bashfulness”. I love sitting down to a good meal.

Early in life, Mom taught me the importance of eating a well balanced meal. She would always cook a meat, a couple of vegetables, and have a salad. If I had my way, I’d just have eaten the meat. But Mom in her wisdom knew that I needed the squash, green beans, spinach, and salads. Each type of food provided nutrients that the other food group couldn’t provide and each was equally important.

While we are going after having children who love the Holy Spirit, we also need to remind ourselves that our children are triune beings. Children are not just a spirit. They have a soul and they live in a body. As children’s ministry leaders, we need to minister to each part of the child. An imbalance in one area will keep a child from receiving all that is needed to mature as a Christian.

Occasionally, our children’s ministry will have a weekend that is less “spiritual” and focuses on the soul and body. I want the children to LOVE coming to children’s church, begging their Moms and Dads to get out of bed and get to church. I want my kids to be EXCITED about coming to church as they connect with fellow boys and girls who love Jesus like they do. I want our kids to have their best friends be in my ministry!

Recently, we did a service based upon the old Nickelodeon television program Super Sloppy Double Dare. After singing a couple of songs, we had our children watch a 30 minute DVD. Afterwards, we asked questions based upon the movie and allowed the children to enjoy the children to enjoy the physical challenges that involved raw egg, chocolate pudding, slime, and a lot other horrendous food concoctions.

Was it spiritual? Nope. Was it fun? Yep. Will it create an excitement about being a part of our ministry? Most definitely. Did I miss God by not having intense prayer that weekend? I don’t believe so. Not everything that Jesus did fit into the “spiritual” category. The feeding of the 5,000, the turning water into wine fit more into the Double Dare mentality than the spiritual category. In taking care of the body and soul, He gained their following for the other times of spiritual ministry.

Let’s feed our children a healthy meal. While not neglecting the meat of the Word, let’s insure that they are receiving all of the food groups so that we can produce children who are passionately in love with Jesus, love to come to His church and be with His people.