Just a quick thought this week that will serve as a much needed reminder. Here’s the thought …

Look at the children in your ministry through God’s eyes!

It is easy to gain the mentality that you and I are walking into just another service ministering to the same kids week after week. It’s another week of the same ol’, same ol’. Am I right? We both know that you and I are guilty of doing this, right?

We need to look at the children through God’s eyes. We have sitting in front of us giant slayers (like David). We have the privilege of speaking into the lives of children who have been placed in key positions to change the lives of adults and leaders (like Naaman’s handmaiden). Sitting in our midst are boys and girls who have received gifts that can impact the lives of thousands (like the boy who gave Jesus his lunch). I can assure you that no adult saw much in the lives of any of the children that I’ve mentioned. But, in God’s eyes, these were children who were chosen to make an impact.

So, is it just another service? Nope. Through God’s eyes, I see that it is another opportunity to launch children into their destinies!