Can you sense what I am sensing? I have such a knowing in my spirit that this is the day of children supernaturally flowing with the Holy Ghost. I am convinced that what is read in the Book of Acts can be, should be, and shall be a part of the daily lives of our children. It is a day for the miraculous to be done. The timing of this launching of the signs and wonders is today!

Why do I say this? At the beginning of the year, I heard so distinctly the Holy Ghost speak to me the words from Daniel 11:32 which says, “… the people who know their God shall prove themselves strong and shall stand firm and do exploits [for God].” (Amplified Translation) As I meditated on His unction, I could sense the Holy Spirit saying, “… the children who know their God …” Soon, the words “… the children …” became “… my children …”

Since that day, I find myself saying the words of this verse under my breath throughout the day and then at other times declaring it aloud to individuals and finally announcing it in our services. This word from the Holy Spirit is constantly rolling around in my spirit. The (my) children who know their God will be strong and mighty and see the power of God manifest in and through their lives. This is the year of exploits! This declaration isn’t hype or a major case of wishful thinking. Without question, I can see in my spirit the fulfillment of Joel’s prophecy with children prophesying, turning neighborhoods and schools and even churches upside down as they dare to flow with the Holy Ghost.

The reason for today’s blog entry is to challenge you and the people from the 62 nations reading this blog to begin to declare and prepare for Daniel 11:32 to become a reality in your children and children’s ministry. I sense such urgency for you to begin to declare that for those who know their God (which includes the children in your ministry) this is the year of the supernatural.

No longer will signs and wonders in children’s ministries refer to the signs that hang in the church hallways or people having to wonder when the service will finally end. No, a million times no. Get ready for a supernatural visitation and habitation that will change the business-as-usual mentality of your children’s ministry. Get ready for Holy Ghost interruptions in your Sunday school, children’s church, and mid-week children’s clubs. Get ready for it to be noised abroad telling of the exploits performed by children who have learned to work together with the Holy Ghost.

In the next few blog entries, I’ll share the key factors for the unveiling of God’s presence and power.