While we all love the elements that make up our ministry (the crazy characters, games, skits, puppets, visuals, etc.), we know that the litmus test of the success of a particular service isn’t found in these elements. It is so important that we constantly remind ourselves that these are just mere tools that open the children’s hearts so that the gospel can be presented. They are just the means of, not the meaning of our ministry. It is far too easy to get this reversed and place such emphasis upon the tools that we neglect the message and purpose of our ministry.

Upon leaving a ministry occasion, the apostle Paul reflected upon what had transpired. In looking back, this learned man knew without question that the mechanical side of the ministry was planned and done with excellence. But, that wasn’t the sign of its success. Notice his evaluation:

“We know this because the Good News we brought came to you not only with words
but also with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with complete certainty.”
1 Thessalonians 1:5 (God’s Word for Today)

When we leave our services, what will we claim as the highlight of our time with the children? Will it be the skit involving a new, outrageous character? Will it be the new puppet song? All of those things are great. They really, really are. But, hopefully, our priorities are not askew. Hopefully like the apostle Paul, we will be able to say with a full assurance that the Holy Spirit undeniably and powerfully demonstrated that He was in the room and that our children will never ever be the same again. That my friend is the litmus test of a successful children’s ministry service!