I found it. I Found it. I FOund it. I FOUnd it. I FOUNd it. I FOUND it. I FOUND It. I FOUND IT. What? One of the greatest tools to help make your teaching come alive.

A couple of months ago, I attended a Royal Ranger Pow Wow (an Assemblies of God district-wide boys ministry campout) with some 2,000+ boys and leaders. The evening services were awesome. But the thing that made the ministry come alive was the Bible story that lead into the altar ministry time. What made the story so much more compelling? The PowerPoint artwork. The slides literally made stories that I’ve told over and over again during my 30+ years of ministry seem so fresh and new. After the service was over, I rushed to get to the speaker to find out if it was possible for me to purchase the PowerPoint slides. Discovering these stories made the discomfort of sleeping in a sleeping bag and doing without air conditioning worth the inconvenience. I returned to my church and purchased and downloaded the complete set of the Bible stories. Just this weekend, I used the stories The Birth of Samson and The Call of Samson as we taught on hearing the voice of God. The kids sat spellbound! The sample slide shown in this blog taken from The Day of Pentecost story shows the beauty of the artwork.

The slides that I viewed at the Pow Wow and almost 150 more Bible stories are produced by a company in Scotland named Eikon Bible Art. You can go to their website  www.eikonbibleart.com to view the complete list of Bible stories.

Here is what you receive in purchasing the artwork:
* Stories available for immediate download.
* Full rights for the stories to be used by every ministry within your church. This means that you can have the downloaded files available for your Sunday school teachers, children’s church staff, mid-week Bible clubs, senior pastor, etc.
* A downloadable PDF file for making handouts. The handout contains one page with the key Bible verse and puzzles to re-emphasize the teaching and another page with artwork of the lesson.
* A downloadable teacher’s page showing the slides, the Bible background to accompany each slide, and the key points of the lesson.

Cost? It is so inexpensive, especially when purchasing the stories in groups. Use the promo code BURNSBA for an additional 10% discount.

Do yourself a favor. Go to the website today and download both the PowerPoint story and the handout file for The Road to Damascus for FREE. Afterwards, I know that you will want the entire series!