Eikon Bible Art, where have you been during my 33 years of children’s ministry?

I know that this sounds like one of those cheezy late night infomercials where the person is pitching a weight-loss product or a “miracle” hair restoring drug and makes that all-too-familiar claim, “I’m not a spokesman. I’m Samuela satisfied customer.” But, with Eikon, I have to say it! I know what I’m talking about. I am blown away with these stories. In fact, I’m so sold on Eikon’s PowerPoint stories that I’ve purchased all 150 Bible stories. Within the last four weeks, I have used the artwork in three weekend services in either a slide from a story (“Creation”) or complete stories (“The Birth of Samuel” and “The Call of Samuel” one weekend and “Moses in the Bullrushes” and “Moses Kills an Egyptian” in another weekend). The fourth weekend was our “Super Sloppy Double Dare” weekend and there was no Bible story. You can see from this slide taken from the “Call of Samuel” story that this isn’t some cheezy sales pitch. It’s the real deal!

Rather than restate the benefits of this artwork, please check out the blog “An INCREDIBLE Teaching Tool” from the May 28th. Afterwards, I know that you will head to their web site to see the huge list of available stories.

Eikon knows that these stories will be an incredible tool to help you share the gospel. So, to help make this even more affordable, the prices decrease per story as you purchase groups of stories. The larger the number of stories purchased, the cheaper that the cost per story becomes.

Check out their web site, www.eikonbibleart.com, TODAY! And, one more thing … use the promo code BURNSBA to receive an additional 10% discount