I know that this blog entry will be extremely brief … too brief for some readers. It will fall far short of the usual 300 to 500 words found in most of my blog entries. But, please don’t allow the brevity to diminish the blog’s importance.

I readily recognize that you want to see a move of God’s Spirit in your children and children’s ministry. That is your sole reason for reading this blog each and every week. And yet for many, the desire and the realization of the desire just aren’t connecting.

Consider this. If what you are doing isn’t producing the results that you desire, then change is necessary. I’m not telling you to change your location. (Don’t quit and move to another church or ministry.) I am saying that there must be change … in you. (I’m not talking about your clothing style or your appearance … although an honest look in the mirror might be needed.) I am saying that time with the Spirit of God might reveal that there is need for change on the inside. To be honest, I am convinced that we are too full of … us! You can’t deny this. Our lifestyle and schedules prove that we are all about us.

What is the answer? As we decrease He will increase.

There is so much that I could write but I’m not going to elaborate. I believe that the Holy Spirit will do a far better job of revealing to desperate hearts how to let go of the lesser so that we can grab ahold of the Greater.