Ever get discouraged while working in your children’s ministry? If we are honest, every one of us will have to admit to allowing discouragement to raise its ugly head and try to convince us to quit. It’s easy to have a pity party because no other ministry in our church truly understands all that we do or the hours that we spend. This ministry can deplete our energies, enthusiasm, and, sadly, even our joy. At times, your natural instinct will cry for you to hand this ministry off to some other person. Can you identify with any of this?

It’s always amazing to me that when these times come (and they DO come), God always sends a gentle encouragement that will enable us to keep on keeping on. For example …
* A couple of weeks ago at a Phat Sat (going to a local amusement park and then a county pool), Vickie and I were talking to a sweet little girl. In the conversation, I complemented her and told her that she was a beautiful little girl. I then asked her if any other person had told her that day that she was beautiful. After hearing her reply of no, I asked, “Didn’t your Dad or Mom tell you?” Again, her answer was no. A little later she pulled me to the side and told me that both her Dad and Mom were in prison and that I was like a Dad to her. I think that I’ll keep on keeping on.
* A few days ago, I had a mother tell me that her ten-year-old daughter had never known her father. When the mother found out that she was pregnant, the father fled. The mother looked at me, and, with tear-filled eyes, said, “Pastor Billy, my daughter looks to you like a Dad.” I think that I’ll keep on keeping on.
* I had a mother tell me, “Pastor Billy, my son told me that when he grows up, he wants to be a policeman, a fireman, or a Pastor Billy.” I think that I’ll keep on keeping on.
* Some time ago, I had a mother tell me, “Pastor Billy, my children told me that they love their Dad but wanted to know if Pastor Billy could come and live with them too.” I think that I’ll keep on keeping on.

Is this ministry labor intensive? Yep. Is this ministry energy draining? Without question, yes! But quit? Are you kidding me? Only heaven has an accurate record of all that is being accomplished week after week. Pardon me. I’m going to end today’s blog entry so that I can get back to being a Children’s Pastor. One more kid needs some of Pastor Billy.