I recently was going through some files on my computer and came across a letter thanking us for a national Ignite the Supernatural Conference. Allow me to share just a brief portion of the letter …

“And I wanted to tell you that the conference was amazing. I gleaned so much, but the biggest thing was a new revelation of the Holy Spirit. At some point, it hit me: the Holy Spirit is my partner! I didn’t feel inadequate anymore. Leaving the Ignite conference, I felt as though I was leaving a marriage conference…and it has been such a wonderful time since! My life was transformed–there is a lightness and a boldness in me, and an awakening to the Holy Spirit. I am excited to wake up and fellowship with Him and partner with Him in ministry, instead of trying to do it myself. Things I had known in my head became real in my heart.”

I’m back with you. I’m sharing this excerpt from the email with you because I believe that it is important that we continually reexamine our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Are we allowing the Holy Spirit to be “our partner”? As our partner, we are allowing Him to co-teach alongside of us. As our partner, we are allowing Him to provide direction from His perspective. As our partner, we are allowing Him to be an extra set of eyes and ears, revealing to us information about our children that our narrow vantage point wouldn’t/couldn’t see and hear. As our partner, He overshadows our inadequacies and enables us to powerfully impact children’s lives.

Now, turn off the computer and take a few minutes to dialog with the Holy Spirit. This would be a great time to convey your need and dependence upon this One who has been sent to work alongside of you. I guarantee that the children in your ministry will thank you for doing so!

One more thing … would you like for us to conduct a Friday/Saturday regional Ignite the Supernatural Conference at your church? For more information, please write me at [email protected].