Rather than share a brief teaching this week, allow me to share an insight into “Billy world”. We all know that we aren’t able to give out unless we are also taking in. So, with that in mind, I want to share a way that I receive ministry each week. It’s a given that the Bible and prayer are first and foremost. And, if you’ve followed this blog for any period of time, you know that I am a reader. I have books everywhere … on my desk at the office, by my chair in the family room, beside my bed, on my iPad, etc. But, what is another way that I energize my spirit?

I know that this won’t sound spiritual, but Twitter provides a constant source of encouragement. The tweets are short, to the point, and thought provoking. If you haven’t entered into the land of Twitter, you are missing out on a great tool. Here are some of the people that I follow:

Reinhard Bonnke – @ReinhardBonnke
Robert Morris – @PsRobertMorris
Patricia Holland – @RevPatHolland
Becky Fischer – @kidsinministry
Steven Furtick – @stevenfurtick
TF Tenney – @TFTenney
Michael Hyatt – @MichaelHyatt
Mark Batterson – @MarkBatterson
Mark Driscoll – @PastorMark
John Piper – @JohnPiper
Tommy Tenney – @TommyTenney
Lee Grady- @LeeGrady
Brian Tracy – @briantracy
Jimmy Evans – @PsJimmyEvans
Willie George – @Willie_George
Dale Hudson – @dalehudsoncm
Jim Wideman -@jimwideman

I’d love to be among the people that you add to your Twitter list. You can easily connect with me. @IamBillyBurns

I hope that you’ll add this invaluable tool to your life. Right now, go to www.twitter.com and sign up. I know that you’ll thank me for the suggestion.