Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t deny that he’s your son” or “Your son is the spitting image of you”? It’s not uncommon at all to see children in our ministry who are carbon copies of their parent or have a mixture of the distinct characteristics of their dad and mom. It’s easy to notice identical personality traits or physical characteristics between a parent and a child. And, it’s not a mystery that what we have noticed is genetics, or to explain it a little differently, it’s in the child’s DNA. It’s not something that they have to make happen. They inherently have their daddy’s height or their mom’s quick wit or their mom’s and grandmother’s blonde hair color. We see this often in our ministry don’t we!

Have you stopped to think about the DNA of a New Testament children’s ministry? As you read through the Book of Acts, you see the distinct characteristics of the Church. While religious organizations abounded during this time and synagogues and temples were plentiful, the distinct “gene” birthed in the Upper Room became inherent and undeniable in the new Church and its lineage. And, that same unique “difference” is in you!
The reason for this week’s blog post is to challenge you to take the time to take inventory of your DNA. Look at your ancestors found in the Book of Acts and define what has been passed down to you. Doing this is so, so important. What is in your genes?

I’ll get you started by sharing just a few things found on my list.

  1. We are a ministry of passionate worshipers.
  2. We are a ministry of hilarious givers.
  3. We are a ministry who knows and makes room for the Holy Ghost.

Ready for your assignment?

Compile your list. Next, expound on each trait with a paragraph overview of why this is (or should be) noticeable in your DNA. For example, why do you claim to be worshipers? For our ministry, I quoted Jesus’ statement that praise and worship is inherent in the mouths of babes and sucklings. It’s in our genes! And then lastly, share your list with those who work alongside of you in your ministry. Doing so will cause the entire ministry to be aware of what should be undeniably noticeable!New Testament children’s ministry, be who you are! Unashamedly showcase your distinct uniqueness that has been flowing from generation to generation ever since the birth of the Church in the Upper Room. Why? It’s in your genes!