I know that you’ve heard the adage that states that “things are better caught than taught”. It’s true. I know from experience. I was raised in a church that loved and appreciated the Holy Spirit. No matter what subject or text that my pastor, Brother Hankins, would preach or teach, the Holy Spirit’s voice could be heard. I went to a church where Brother Hankins would often say, “I wouldn’t cross the street without the Holy Spirit” and that dependency was evident in each and every service. His presence was  so undeniably real. Brother Hankins made room for the Holy Spirit to speak and manifest His presence. It was because of catching and absorbing the movement of the Holy Spirit at the Gulf Coast Christian Center in West Columbia, Texas that I now travel the globe declaring:

“TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost!”

Let me turn the tables and focus on you and your ministry for a minute. What are the children in your ministry catching? What are they seeing and hearing in your services each and every week that is penetrating deeper and deeper into their spirits? What is becoming a part of their DNA? Is it just the dash and flash of a well-oiled machine?  Is your passion for a move of God’s Spirit being overshadowed by the mechanics and wow factor? I guess the best question to ask would be, in some twenty years from now, what will these children who are sitting in your children’s ministry right now capsulize as the single truth that they “caught” from being in your ministry?

Will you join me in being the B.B. Hankins to this generation of children?  Let’s raise up a generation of children who will have our insatiable passion for the Holy Spirit and join us as we proclaim “TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost”!  Let’s make our services outrageously contagious so that the children will catch our desire to “not cross the street without the Holy Spirit”. It all begins with one service. Let your next service be that service!