Here’s a short blog entry with a really big concept … super-size your ministry by using this Summer to move ministry outside of the four walls of your church. Let’s look at reality. Most if not all of our ministry is limited to the confines of our classroom or auditorium and the sixty or ninety minutes allotted to our ministry. Am I right? Why don’t we super-size or broaden our effectiveness by moving “ministry” outside of the church setting to a Saturday pool party or a Wild and Wacky, Don’t Be Tacky Friday night or a tentless campout (no tent, no sleep, but a night of fun and memories) or an all-you-can-eat ice cream social? What about a Gross Out Saturday where the kids (and you) make a ton of memories with games that involve chocolate syrup and slime and shaving cream?

Here’s a radical concept. Ministry isn’t JUST holding a Bible and having a couple of cool object lessons. You don’t need PowerPoint to preach a dynamic sermon. True “ministry” can be seen as well in the “real” world as well as being heard in a church setting. Kids want to know that your sermons that you preach are a part of your day-to-day life. So, get out of the church and show the Jesus in you while you are having fun in the swimming pool or covered with layers of slime. Show the kids how radically fun it is to be a Christian. The sermon that you preach or teach on Sundays or Wednesdays might be forgotten by the time the child gets to their car but the memory of seeing Jesus in you at a pool party will last a lifetime.

So, pull out the calendar. Move from minimal ministry (60 to 90 minutes a week) and super-size your ministry by maximizing every opportunity (outside of the classroom) to make an impact. Let’s make room for “real” ministry. You and your kids will thank me!!!