Are you sitting down? If not, I’m warning you that the following thought is so profound it will absolutely knock you off of your feet. Now, sit down. Ready? (Remember that I warned you.) Here goes … you get what you prepare for.

baconFor those questioning my judgement, you really DID read a profound thought. You DO get what you prepare for. I know that if I see bacon frying in a skillet and scrambled eggs in another skillet and smell biscuits baking in the toaster oven, I know that I can expect to have bacon, scrambled eggs, and biscuits for a meal. That is profound!

I know that some of you are rolling your eyes in disbelief that I would waste your time to share such a simple thought. Evidently, it is too simple because many leaders overlook this truth. They teach on anything and everything and never see any specific results in their ministry.

Here’s the reason for this blog entry. If you get what you prepare for (and you do), then it is important that you take inventory of what is needed and teach and prepare the way for God to do His work. For example, if you want to have a room full of worshipers then teach about worship and demonstrate worship. If you want a room of Spirit-filled children then teach about being baptized in the Holy Spirit. In doing so, you will get calculated results.

worshipLet me take this one step further. In order to obtain calculated results, you need to be free from an unwritten philosophy prevalent among children’s ministry leaders. Contrary to what some people teach, there is no scripture in the Bible that says that you have to teach a different subject every week or have a series that is two weeks long or four weeks long. Those with this mentality have never prepared any meals. Any good cook will tell you that every meal requires a different amount of time for preparation. Some meals take 15 minutes to prepare because they have just a few ingredients. Other meals take much longer because there are more ingredients to include and steps to take. Don’t be in a hurry. Find the heart of God and then take the subject and break it down into small portions. Last year, we spent 10 weeks teaching “Children Who Know Their God” (Daniel 11:32). It was powerful. At another time, I wrote a series on the Holy Spirit titled “Change Your Actions or Change Your Name” that lasted 8 weeks. Again, lives were changed. We began a series this past weekend “The Holy Spirit in You” that will last 6 weeks. I’m expecting many, many children to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Know what you want to see. Prepare for what you want to see. Don’t allow time to deter you from putting in all of the necessary ingredients to yield the desired (calculated) results. Then, the children and your ministry will be changed!

Simple thought? Yes. Profound thought. You betcha! Now, go do it.