Show_and_TellOne of the highlights of the school day for most children in Kindergarten or 1st grade is the activity called Show and Tell. I’m sure that you can recall your excitement as a child when in Show and Tell you stood in front of the classroom with an item brought from home, showed it to your classmates, and then told about it.

While preparing for a sermon this past week, I read a New Testament account of the Holy Spirit participating in a Show and Tell situation. It wasn’t for a classroom of kids, but rather, for a city in Samaria. When revival broke out in this area, the Holy Spirit validated the ministry through Show and Tell. Consider this:

“And the people with one accord gave heed
unto those things which Philip spake,
hearing and seeing the miracles which he did.”
Acts 8:6

That same Holy Spirit still loves to participate in Show and Tell opportunities. In fact, each week, He is quietly sitting in your ministry situation waiting for His turn in class to stand up, show what He brought to the meeting, and begin to speak. With you being the leader of the gathering, you have the total control of if and when He will be able to participate.

Teacher, are you ready for some Show and Tell? If so, let’s see. Whose turn is it to present? Recognize and acknowledge your next speaker and then allow Him to stand up, be seen and heard. I guarantee that it will be a meeting that you and all of the children in the classroom will never forget!