SeedsI am a firm believer that you get what you prepare for. If a gardener prepares the soil by tilling the land and then plants watermelon seeds, he can expect to grow watermelons. If you plant watermelon seeds, you don’t expect to produce carrots do you? Of course not.

For the past few weeks, our children’s ministry has been in the preparing-the-soil stage of ministry. We’ve been preparing for a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit upon our children. How? We’ve been teaching a series that I wrote many years ago called “The Holy Spirit in You”. We’ve taught each lesson with the knowledge that the seed planted and cultivated is going to produce a big harvest on the final service of the series. We know that if we plant Holy Spirit “seeds” that we can expect MANY boys and girls to be gloriously baptized in God’s Spirit.

This week, let me share with you the stages of preparation. Hopefully someday, I will have the full curriculum available to share with you. But, until then, take this brief overview and allow the Holy Spirit who gave me the series to do the same for you.

Week #1 – The Great Promise – Luke 24:49
Jesus told of a promise made by His Father to all of Jesus’ followers. He would not leave them helpless but would send another Helper who would give them power from on high.
Week #2 – The Great Command – Acts 1:4
Receiving this Helper wasn’t an option. Jesus commanded His follower to stay in Jerusalem to receive the promise of the Father.
Week # 3 – The Great Infusion – Acts 2:4
There was no denying when the promise was fulfilled. The Day of Pentecost provided clear, undeniable proof of the infilling of God’s Spirit.
Week # 4 – The Great Change – Acts 1:8
Chickens? Cowards? Not after the Holy Spirit came. The case of “chickenitis” was removed when a Holy Spirit backbone was placed inside of each and every believer.
Week # 5 – The Great Question – Acts 19:2
What happened inside of the upper room wasn’t a one-time experience. Believers from that day until today have been asked, “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?”
Week # 6 – The Great Expectation – Acts 2:4, Acts 1:8
From that Day of Pentecost forward, believers can expect to receive a language from heaven that will enable them to expect to change the world.
Week # 7 – The Great Benefits – Jude 20, Acts 1:8, 1 Corinthians 14:2, Romans 8:26
Praying in the Spirit could be called Praying with Benefits! Why? Because when praying in our heavenly language, we build up our spirit, receive heaven’s power, confuse the devil, and pray great prayers that yields great results!