While there is no spoken competition among churches and their children’s ministries, I know that many children’s ministry leaders feel overwhelmed with discouragement when they consider what they have to offer compared with the church up the road. We can all identify with this. From everything that we hear from the parents who have visited the other church, we know that the church up the road is much larger, their children’s ministry has a humongous budget, it appears that they have volunteers waiting for a place to serve, their facilities can be compared to something produced by Disney, … need I go on? Then you look at your facilities and staff and, well, enough said.

discouragedI know that many of you work to the very best of your abilities with the limitations imposed upon you. But week after week you face the realities that no major renovation is insight for your facilities, absolutely no one is beating on your door to come work alongside of you, and your budget reminds you of the statement made by Peter in Acts 3, “Silver and gold have I none.” These limitations can be so discouraging. At times, it is enough to make you want to quit serving in the ministry and go drown your sorrows in a great big glass of root beer. (I’m so spiritual.)

I’m not into Christian Science that practices mind over matter. Realities are realities. We all do have limitations. I know from experience because, even in a church of some 4,000 people, I face limitations. But, let me remind you of a reality that is not debatable. Facilities and staff didn’t play into the life-changing ministry at the temple gate in Acts 3. Money wasn’t a factor. It was the “such as I have give I thee” that forever changed the lame man’s life. The power of the Holy Ghost rose up within Peter and John and, well, the rest is history.

I’m not preaching against having great facilities and an outstanding staff and a humongous amount of money to spend. I would LOVE to have all of that! I’m just reminding you that a person filled to overflowing with the Holy Ghost walking into a ministry situation trumps anything that is physical or material. Again, I know from experience. I wish that you could have been with us during our “Holy Spirit in You” series. For seven weeks, we ministered in a room that didn’t ooze with Disney ambiance. But like the account in Acts 3, the “such as I have” kicked in. Heaven will record that many lives were powerfully changed with so many being baptized in the Holy Spirit.

While realities are realities, stop being discouraged. Follow Paul’s admonition in 2 Corinthians 10:12 and stop comparing yourself against others. Heaven is taking note of what you do in your location with your assignment. Be encouraged. Heaven is preparing for a great big “Well done!” That’s enough for me!