I’m so excited. It happened again this weekend. The Holy Spirit showed up in our three weekend services. It’s really not a mystery. We prepared. We prayed. He showed up.

This week’s lesson was “The Great Expectation” from our series “The Holy Spirit in You”. In the lesson, we taught about our “expectationer”. While you may not be aware of this, your “expectationer” is a huge part of your daily life. For example, if you were to have a bowling ball in your hands and then released it from your hands, you wouldn’t expect Expectationerthe ball to float up into the air would you? No, your “expectationer” would kick in and you would know that the ball is going to drop straight down and onto your feet. Your “expectationer” would foretell of great pain coming your way!

In this lesson, we taught that when we are baptized in the Holy Spirit, our “expectationer” should know that we will speak in a language from heaven. Why? Because time and time again in the Book of Acts we see examples of this happening. We taught that this wasn’t just an upper room experience. In fact, we showed the children that a great example can be found some 20 years later in Ephesus. When Paul laid hands upon the believers, it happened again. These believers spoke in other tongues.

In our services this weekend, we prepared the way through the teaching and then gave the children the opportunity to ask the Father for this promised gift. Our “expectationers” weren’t disappointed. It happened again. God kept His Word … “for this promise is unto you and your children”. (Acts 2:39). I love to say it this way. We did, they did, and then He did. I loved seeing boys and girls all across our altar area receiving the promise of the Father.

How about next weekend, you and your ministry team walk into your service with your “expectationer” running at full throttle? If you’ll have it activated, you will find another example of a you did, they did, and He did service. You’ll leave your service saying, “It happened again.” I guarantee it!!!