Here’s a simple truth to ponder on for the next few days. I’ll be up front and tell you that this thought didn’t originate with me. It’s source is Jesus. Here’s the truth …. “These signs will follow those who believe ….” I don’t even need to complete the thought. You’ve read it umpteen million times and can possibly even quote it. For those looking for this thought, it is found in Mark 16:17-18.
only-believe-3_1242913694This simple truth gets simpler … If it is still the day of believers (and evidently it is if you profess to be born again) then it must still be the day of signs and wonders. That means that the Holy Spirit will still do everything that we read about in Mark 16. The Holy Spirit is still in the signs and wonders business! And, to make it crystal clear for even the simplest of the simple, God is so concerned about you believing that He dedicated the Book of Acts to give example after example of what the Holy Spirit is capable of doing in and through believers who simply believe and work together with the Holy Spirit.
Simple? Yep. So, so simple. The song writer of old showed the simplicity when they wrote, “Only believe, only believe, all things are possible, only believe.” Nursery worker, believe. Sunday school teacher, believe. Children’s church worker, believe. Youth pastor, believe. Pastor, believe. ALL things are possible, the signs will follow, if you will only believe.