Let me let you in on a secret. There is no such thing as a self-made man. And, if there was, I sure wouldn’t want to see him. You may be so bright that your Mom called you son (pardon my humor), but you didn’t get to where you are today by yourself. There have been many, many people that have taught you, corrected you, loved on you when others had pushed you aside, toughened you up, challenged your small-mindedness, spoke as a mouthpiece for God to you, wept with you, rejoiced with you, reminded you of your “humanness” (in other words, there is a God and you aren’t Him), etc. God has placed many people along your path to help shape and mold you into the person that you are today.
Here’s reality. Many of these people have no idea of their influence in your life. And, how would they know … unless you’ve taken time to tell them. Sadly, because life is too full and days are overflowing with activity, it is extremely rare to find a person who takes the time or, better yet, makes the time to send out a card, type an email note, or pick up the telephone to express thanks to these life-changing people.
???????????????????????????Why don’t you join me and take or make a little time and begin to communicate your gratitude. I’ve been on the telephone this week with several pastors who loved on us when we were young evangelists some 30+ years ago. I’ve sent out several Facebook messages to individuals who believed in us and enabled us to keep on keeping on. I have a letter to write to a tremendous lady in South Texas who took a bunch of teenagers at a small Assemblies of God church and week after week challenged us to learn the word of God through a program called Teen Bible Quiz. To this day, the book of Colossians remains one of my favorite books of the Bible. There will be cards or letters going out to those that took their giftings and talents and created awesome props for us, took care of electrical issues with our Avion travel trailer, took care of mailings, set up computer programs and then taught a totally naive computer student how to use them, gave a special offering at a time that no one but no one knew that we were in need, spoke a timely word from God that put the wind back in our sails, … the list goes on and on. These people invested in us. I’d be a fool to not recognize that the fruit of our labor today is a direct result of the seed of their time, love, and care. I’m forever a debtor.
One more quick note. Here’s a gigantic thank you to those reading this blog post. Thank you for your love. Thank you for believing in us. Many of you have followed this blog for its 7+ years. Thank you to those who pray for us. There are those who give financially to enable us to carry on our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences.  You are the reason that we are able to be Billy Burns Ministries. Thank you.
If you ever need us, we are an email away [email protected] or a phone call away 561.827.9325.