Here’s a simple and yet important suggestion to use in your ministry. In an age where many in our churches are Bible illiterate, why don’t we use our ministry to change this trend. When we teach a Bible verse or tell of an event in the Bible, why don’t we actually have an open Bible in our hands, and if time allows, encourage and help if necessary those in our ministry to locate your reference so that they can read along with you.

To take this one bit further, let’s use this opportunity to emphasize the significance and power of the Word of God by doing the following. Before the Bible is opened, tell those in your ministry that in just a matter of one minute when we open our Bibles, this is going to happen …
* All of hell is going to have a panic attack. Satan will send out a tweet informing all of hell, its imps, demons, and evil spirits that you and I have just opened up the most powerful book in the universe. (Your actions and drama will make this life-changing and memorable!)
open-bible* Heaven will use its heavenly Windex (have an altered bottle and rag) and will clear and clean up smudgy misunderstandings. (Spray liquid and use the rag to wipe away pretend smudges.)
* The light will come on (have a plugged in lamp) and you will see things that you couldn’t see before because we read that His Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.
* Sickness will have to hitchhike (use your hand to start making a hitchhiking gesture) and find some other place to go because we read that healing comes from the Word of God. He sent His Word and healed them.
* Because of Ephesians 6:17, I know that I hold in my hand a powerful weapon that defeats my enemy.
* Because of Matthew 22:29, I know that I avoid making horrible mistakes because I know what is in this book.
* I won’t step into the trap of sin (use a mousetrap) because I have hidden His Word in my heart so that I won’t sin against God.

These are just a few suggestions. Use your creativity and come up with more declarations. Use one declaration per month. Each and every time that you open up God’s Word that month, passionately declare what is happening as God’s Word is being used. Have the children recite the declaration along with you before you open your Bible. In doing so, you will transform the Bible from being a book to being THE Book, THE Word of the living God.