The other morning, I was sitting in my office meditating on the prophecy found in Joel, a prophecy that I’ve read a few hundred times. I know that you know this passage by heart. But, I’d ask you to read it one more time ….

“Then after I have poured out my rains again, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people.
Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams.
Your young men will see visions. In those days, I will pour out
my Spirit even on servants, men and women alike.”
Joel 2:28-29 (New Living Translation)

doorWhile meditating on the verse, I sensed the Holy Spirit tell me to notice how many times that the word will is found in this prophecy. Well, I’m not a rocket scientist but even I could count all the way up to the number five. The Holy Spirit emphasized that God said five times that He will do a particular act. Then, the Holy Spirit told me that turning the will into an am and an are, i.e., “I am pouring out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters are …”, is simple. The determining factor for this change is me. As the leader of my ministry, I can keep this prophecy as being some distant, future event by continuing to declare that a move of God is on its way OR I can turn it into something that happens now, in this service by confidently declaring that TODAY is the day of the Holy Ghost and boldly opening the door for Him to move in among those entrusted to my ministry TODAY.

In your next service, allow God to turn His will into an am and are. Dare to make room for the Holy Spirit to minister and demonstrate His presence. Know Him. Go with Him. Flow with Him. Cast fear aside and allow the Holy Spirit to move from being a silent, uninvited guest to being Someone that is both seen and heard. (Acts 2:33). Then, get ready to see prophecy unfold before your very eyes.

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